Beyond The Rack Canada: Refurbished Cuisinart Items @ Incredibly Low Prices

11 March 2013

Beyond The Rack Canada has some amazingly low prices on various Cuisinart items.  All items are factory refurbished to like-new condition and the savings on some items, are over 50% compared to regular prices.

I have always wanted this Cuisinart Salt & Pepper Mill set, but it seemed like too much money to me as I couldn’t find it anywhere for less than $60.  Beyond The Rack has them for a regular price of $69.99 and now on sale here for $39.99, refurbished, but that’s fine with me.  It gets a little frustrating when you constantly have to use a manual grinder and these are always charged and ready to grind as the base they sit on is the charger.

This refurbished Mini Prep Processor in white is another item I would be able to use.  This is a regular price of $49.99 and now on sale for $29.99.  I quite often find that a large food processor is too big for the job I have and takes up way too much room on my counter.  The Mini Prep is a chopper/grinder, which is really all I need and with a 3 cup bowl, is more than big enough.

If you happen to like espresso, cappuccino or lattes, this refurbished Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable Espresso Maker is one of the best deals I have found.  This is a regular price of $400 and is now on sale for only $179.99.  You can use either ground espresso or pods and make 2 pre-programmed cup sizes and includes everything you need to make your favourite coffee.

There are many other items available, but everything seems to be moving fast, so don’t wait too long and be sure to check our Beyond The Rack coupon page for our exclusive coupon code giving you an extra $10 credit for new accounts.

Shipping: $11.95

(Expiry: 14th March 2013)

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