Mytagalongs: 25% Off Purse Organizers Coupon Code


Mytagalongs is a US website that has really decent shipping prices to Canada. Any order is only $4.95 to Canada in fact. For this reason (and a discount code for some of their products) I have decided to post about them on the Moose. When you visit the website make sure to have CAN currency chosen, btw (it is great they give that option).

So, Mytagalongs is everything for a woman's (or a man's) purse to organize it, supplement where it is lacking and generally support it in it's day to day trips with you. One of their primary products is the purse organizer, a multi-pocketed satin or mylon wonder to help keep the contents of your ever over-stuffed accessory organized. These aren't just for purses, but for gym bags, backpacks, diaper bags and any bag that could use some organization. With the following coupon you can get 25% off these purse organizers.

  • Discount: 25% off purse organizers
  • Coupon Code: LOULOU
  • Expires: 15th December, 2010

I thought the purse organizers were cool, but what I really fell in love with so quickly on their site were: (a) Vitamin Case and (b) Purse Hooks. Since I started back to university I can't tell you the last day I took all my vitamins, I just can't get the transporting them to school thing down to take at the appropriate times. But this, this vitamin case is wicked. It has great pouches for all vitamins and not a MTWTF system and looks stylish. I also love the purse hooks because I have been in WAY too many johns lately where the hook on the back of the door has been missing! I hate putting my purse on the floor... so gross. With one of these babies I could just hook it anywhere.

I wish the coupon was for their entire site, but alas.. no go. But the purse organizers are very cool so maybe pick one up. I am not sure about duty so 'buyer beware.' They do not charge for duty on their side so you might get charged when it crosses the border, we don't know.


  • Pamela
    These are great! I have several of their products, they sell them at the Bay in Edmonton, and when they went on sale I loaded up. Some very cool things!
  • misskitty_79
    Ha-ha! That non-crushable tampon holder reminds me of how I used to carry around my tampons (before I switched to a cup): in old cigar tubes that I spray painted pretty colours. :)
  • Kay2
    Don't want to be a party pooper (no pun intended), but when in a washroom stall, don't hang your purse on a removable hook unless you can grab your purse if someone comes in the washroom! Many purses are stolen that way. Either twist the purse handle around the stationary hook so it can't come off, or hang your purse around your neck. And NEVER put your purse on the floor. One, it's a way to transfer serious sickness, and two, it can be stolen. Sorry to bring a bit of sterness into this fantastic, happy site!
    • Avigayil
      My backup has always been putting it on top of the toilet paper dispenser. Fairly safe there. Those big industrial ones act like a shelf. The removable hook I would probably position into the hole where the removable hook use to be, for better safety, or hang off the toilet paper dispenser. That way it is close to me. Thanks for the advice!

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