Carter's OshKosh B'Gosh Canada: Now Shipping Within Canada!


Guess who is now shipping from Canada? Carter's OshKosh B'Gosh! They offer free shipping on a $50 order too.

I, for one, am a little excited about this news. Carter's is such a great brand for kids. I have gone to the U.S., just to shop at their store, because their prices are usually so cheap. Another spot I like to buy my Carter's clothing is at Costco or at Bonnie Togs, but now I can buy it directly from the store itself and have it shipped to my home.

With three boys, I can't really beat long sleeved tops for only $8 as long as athletic pants for only $12 a piece. I honestly think 75% of my children's closets are Carter's brand clothing, so I can attest that even though the prices are low, the clothing stays together. I pass down the clothes from my oldest to my youngest and everything seems to last. The only complaint I would have is that stuff gets stained or faded, but who wouldn't expect that after 8 years of wear and wash?

I don't have a little girl, but I have 4 nieces, so I like to shop for them or in my dreams. I think girl's clothes are so much cuter than most boys clothing. These leggings make me squeal as I can imagine how easy they are for moms, and how girls would love them. Two pairs for $16 is a very sweet price.

But, on to the baby clothes, where I do secretly shop for the next baby that I won't have. I'm almost secretly wishing a friend or family member to get pregnant, just so I can buy a cute baby outfit. Seriously, this 2-piece french terry top and legging set is the ultimate in cuteness. Even if I had a girl, she'd get dressed in camo. Go figure! It makes me want to run out and get some camo leggings for myself with a peach top. This set is only $14 and would make a great gift for someone.

So, who is excited about this new to Canada store??

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