Walmart Photo Centre Canada: 3 Free 8x10s With Purchase

1 February 2012

Walmart Canada's Photo Centre has two offers on now: they include 3 free 8x10 prints, a value of $9. Order 100 4 x 6 prints for $20 or an 8x10 hardcover 1-hour photo book and use the coupon codes below to get your free 8x10 prints.

Order 100 4x6 prints and get 3 free 8x10 prints, all for just $20! Just add the 100 4x6 prints and 3 8x10 prints to your cart and add the coupon code 3BONUS at checkout.

Buy an 8x10 hardcover 1 hour photo book and get 3 free 8x10 prints, all for $24 when you use the coupon code BOOKBONUS. The 8x10 hardcover 1-hour photo book includes 20 pages. Great idea for a last minute gift as it can be ready in 1-hour!

I ordered some prints online from Walmart earlier this week, and less than 30 minutes later they were ready for pick up. I've always been happy with the quality of the prints at Walmart.

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  • Rick
    FYI, you say that the price per print is 5 cents. But the deal says 100 prints for $20, or 20 cents each.
    • Jodie
      Thanks Rick..I must have been doing my math before I had coffee!
  • Dorothy B.
    I find it very hard to find the location to drag and drop my photos into your order system. Please make is an easier site to find so I can drag and drop.
    • Anna W.
      Dorothy, we're not Walmart, please feel free to contact them.
  • Sheyanna
    How do I add my promo code to my account? I have been sent a email due to late delivery of my order for $25.00 credit and 100 free print 4x6 print credits. My promo code is *** (removed). This expires today.
    • Anna W.
      Sheyanna, please call Walmart for help on using their site. But there should be a promo code field at checkout...

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