Walmart Canada: Soon To Charge for Plastic Bags!


I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart Canada, and one of the things I enjoy about shopping there is not having to pay for my plastic bags. Soon that will no longer be the case. As of February 9th, 2016 Walmart Canada will be charging their customers for each and every plastic bag used to pack up their purchase. First they take away their free shipping and now they take away their free plastic bags!?

At least the cost per bag is not ridiculous. Walmart will start charging $0.05 per plastic bag starting this February 9th. My suggestion is to buy reusable bags or keep a stash in your vehicle for impromptu Walmart shopping trips. The cost is for a good cause though. Walmart Canada hopes to reduce the amount of waste and urge people to start using reusable and recyclable grocery bags.

Walmart Canada states that the $0.05 charge per plastic grocery bag will be put towards recycling initiatives. In turn, they will also be trying to improve their in-store recycling and waste habits. There are quite a number of grocery stores that charge for plastic bags already. I guess it was only a matter of time before Walmart followed suit.

Moosers, how does this alter your shopping habits?


  • Dave
    This is awesome, i support this and hope other companies jump on board
  • Stephen
    It wont any longer than a couple weeks, their customers will have a fit, while the eco nazis cheer
  • Shelby
    I always bring my own bags with me anyway, but I hope Walmart sticks with this, unlike so many others.
  • Saron
    Good for them, I wish they'd charge $1 per plastic bag. I always travel with at least one reusable bag when I'm walking around, and many more if I'm driving. I'm always surprised at checkout by how many people still don't use reusables.
  • Kris C.
    About time they do that - I also am always surprised at how many do not bring their own bags. You shouldn't be worried about paying for your bags - you should bring your own because it is the right thing to do.
  • lamariposavioleta
    I worked in a major clothing retail store for years and several years back they tried to do this…customers were awful about it "So if i don't want to spend the 5 cents for the bag, you are just going to make me carry me clothes??!!!!!"…we did offer small paper bags though, but most didn't want them...
  • Donna
    This is another way of making more money... nothing to do with the enviroment! Am I the only one who sees this? 5 cents per bag equals a ton of money Canada wide!
  • Zippity
    Money grab - plain and simple. Money. Grab.
  • Kayla
    I am not remotely surprised by this but shocked by how many still don't use reusable bags already as this initiative was implemented years ago in so many stores
  • Frank
    Well, maybe if they stopped double bagging everything, and giving people a bag for each can of goods, then they wouldn't have to charge. It's ridiculous how many bags they use, management should talk to cashiers to go easy on the bags, and they wouldn't have to charge. how many times I've told them, "it's OK I'll carry my single ____"

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