Walmart Canada: 50% Off Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump Truck - Classic Steel was $40 now $20 (EXPIRED)

999999-21664906675_1 I don't know about you, but I'm already planning on ways to keep my son busy this summer! Every summer there are more and more activities he can do and I'm excited to spend as much time outdoors with him this summer. I'm planning on making him a huge sandbox and loading it up with heavy duty Tonka Trucks as a surprise. When I saw this Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump Truck at Walmart on sale, I knew it was a good deal since I've been browsing for similar models and they can be expensive. This particular truck was $40 and is now down to $20. For that price you're getting the real deal, no plastic shell, just classic steel.

Did I mention the classic steel is guaranteed for life? That doesn't surprise me because I know that old Tonka models were built to last. I don't mean to sound like your mom or dad, but they just don't make them like that anymore. That's why when they go back to the classic steel built, Tonka makes sure it's just as durable as their trucks from the past. In the description, it guarantees to hold up against even the toughest of kids! I'm sure your kids will put that guarantee to the test, I know my son will.

I did a price comparison for this item, and you won't believe the prices that this truck sells for at other stores online. At Toys R Us Canada, this truck retails for $79.99! Yes, that's a real price from a Canadian retailer. That's a $60 price difference. Amazon's price is also quite a bit more than Walmart's at $66.49. No competition here, Walmart has the best deal on this truck by far.

I'd also suggest buying this truck as a gift. At $20 you cannot go wrong and the value of this truck, as displayed by the competitors prices, is much more than $20. The reviews at Walmart describe how great this truck is. Out of 9 reviews, 9 of them give this toy a five star rating. Here is one of many happy customers:

I have to say, I am surprised how well this tow is made. It's not all plastic like one would think, but actually metal with real rivets for the bed. My boy loves it, and uses it to pick up and move his toys from room to room. Very happy with this truck!!!

If you have your eye on more than one item, free shipping is available if you purchase for more than $50. Otherwise, you can get this trucked shipped for free at your local Canada Post.

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  • Brooke W.
    My son has this dump truck. He plays with it for hours on end while I am at the farm with my horses. So far it has endured snow, mud, gravel, wood shavings and sooooo much more. It is easy to wipe clean and I am super impressed with the durability and quality. Definitely worth the original price, and even more of a steal at just twenty bucks!
  • Manda
    This was one of my favourite toys as a kid (go figure I'd grow up to be a miner, eh?) So when I saw this I immediately went online to buy... Only to be shocked to see the price is now $10!!! Woo hoo! I have a pile of nieces and nephews turning 1 and 2 this spring; I bought 4 trucks for a total of $42 including post office pick up and taxes. Unbelievable. Thanks Bargain Moose for the heads up!
  • Mandy
    I just checked and it's only $10 now! Thanks :)
    • Anna W.
      Wow! You got a bargain! That's OOS now though.

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