The Shopping Channel: 6 Piece 400 Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant Sheet Set $36 - $49.88 (Orig $90 - $120)

17 December 2011

The Shopping Channel has HomeSuite 6 Piece 400 Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant Pima Cotton Sheet Sets on clearance right now. They have twin and queen size still in stock. The twin size costs $36.88 (orig. $89.97) and the queen size costs $49.88 (orig. $119.97).

You have a choice between 5 different colours: moss, grey, yellow, white and taupe. Shipping is $9.99, which given the original price of the sheet sets - this is still a really good deal.

  • Pillowcases feature european style hems (inner pocket to conceal pillow)
  • Sateen finish provides a smooth and glossy appearance
  • Super deep pockets to fit up to 18" deep mattress
  • Four pillow cases (two with Twin size)

So the twin set is a 4 piece set, and the queen is a 6 piece set.

Expiry: Unknown

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  • Nick
    Great deal, for sure. But I never understood the big deal with wrinkle resistant sheets. Shirts, sure. But sheets don't seem to be a wrinkle problem... :)

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