The Bay Canada: Save 60% on Ricardo Beverly Hills & Delsey Luggage

29 March 2012

The Bay Canada has select pieces of luggage from 2 of their lines on sale for 60% off the regular prices right now.

I happen to travel a few times a year and know first hand the importance of having some good quality luggage that can handle those conveyer belts and luggage handlers at the airports.  You can easily get very cheap luggage sets but they don't last long at all because they are not durable to withstand being flung around and falling off carts and such.  With luggage you pay for what you get.  The Bay Canada has 2 of their best luggage lines on sale right now for 60% off the regular prices. You will find some great prices on select Desley luggage and select Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage.

A great piece that is on sale is this Rainier 28" rolling duffle for $142 (regular price is $355) It is an excellent piece because it is versatile with the handles and the wheels, and it also has special built-in high density foam structure that will eliminate tears from being thrown around. It comes in both black and orange but I would prefer the orange because neutral colored luggage tends to be so common that it is harder to locate at the baggage rack.  Another great piece is this Huntington Lites expandable on sale for $74 (regular price is $185).  It is water repellant and comes in both black and olive colors.  Both lines of luggage mentioned have a 10 year warranty which tells you that they are very durable and you won't be needing to spend money every couple of years on luggage.

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