Sears Outlet Canada: Save on Back to School Futons

13 August 2013

The Sears Outlet has some nice Futons for under $300. These are great for small apartments or small rooms you rent in a group house. They are space efficient beds and can fold into a couch for entertaining.

This Panni Futon may scare you off looking at the zebra print but a quick look at the post will reveal that the futon is actually only available in black which will match any decor. It is on sale for $199.94. Sears outlet doesn't say what the original price was but I found this same futon on Walmart Canada for $259. You save $60 at Sears.

I also spotted this 'Archer' Futon With Speakers (pictured above) on sale at Sears Outlet for $249.94. I love the built in speakers feature and the black with red trim. So sexy! Walmart Canada has the same futon for $339 so you are saving around $90.

Check out these and other outlet futons.

Shipping will depend on where you live though you can probably get it delivered to your local store for less and pick it up yourself.

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