Sears Contest Day 2: Win a $100 Gift Card (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner added soon!***

Today is day 2 of our Sears 7-day giveaway and you've got another chance to win a $100 gift card from Sears.

Sears has a 72-hour toy sale going on, with up to 40% off toys. I think most of have some children to buy for this Christmas and toys are always a hit. I actually wanted to not buy my kids any toys this year as they have way too many, but my husband insisted that it is not Christmas morning without something to play with. Of course I caved. This sale might be just what I need to not spend all that much, and still put a smile on my kid's faces.

Imaginext is a fun brand and this Fisher-Price Alpha Explorer play set will bring out the scientist in any little one. It has a high rating and is 40% off until tomorrow, regularly $34.99, now $20.99.

What little girl doesn't want a baby doll and this very adorable Newberry Chloe blond/blue eyed baby doll is wearing the cutest outfit ever! It was $24.99, now $14.99. If you want a doll that more closely resembles the child you are buying it for, there are lots of different looks available in the Newberry dolls.

When I was a little girl, I would not have been able to resist this Barbie chalk hair doll. I loved doing my dolls hair and this is a way it is allowed (instead of using markers). This was $36.99, now $22.19.

How to win this prize?

What toy is your child wishing for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 10th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion


  • Amanda
    I told our son once to ask his dad for a cat so now every time we ask our two year old what he wants he says a kitty. Besides that he is really into trains and play doh
  • Sandra
    my not so little boy wants an x-box
  • BrennanBones
    I don't have any kids, but my nieces and nephew all want a Zoomer Zuppies ~ there's going to be a lot of dogs at Christmas!
  • Karen
    Lego of any kind for the grandkids
  • scseward
    My youngest daughter wants Shopkins!! Lots and lots of SHOPKINS!!!
  • Brittany
    I don't have kids, but my little nephew loves any toy that's soft and cuddly!
  • Don
    Legos are always a hit with my sons, ages 8 and 10
  • Sandy
    My youngest wants a Wii
    My grandson wants anything with "McQueen" the red car from the movie 'Cars'!!
  • Kim
  • Lori C.
    "My first Craftsman Chainsaw!!" complete with real "chainsaw" sound! Yikes!
  • sandra
    My son wants the new robot Mio and Legos.
  • Chantal
    Crazy forts building set :)
  • Nicole
    My preschooler changes her mind weekly, but Lego Friends sets are usually top of the list!
  • Jodie
    Anything with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will work for my little guys!
  • Leigh
    My girls would love lego or newberry dolls!
  • Debbie B.
    Grandkids love Lego!
  • Nancy F.
    My grandson wants the train from Polar Express
  • Aimee
    My daughter would love the new frozen dolls
  • Mel
    Lego and Pokemon cards are all my boys want!
  • CalgaryCaper
    No kids, but my boyfriend would really like a Lego set. Engineers.
  • Doug
    Games.... any games.
  • Jen
    My 8 year old loves dragons, so we have our eyes on Playmobil because they have some great dragon figures. She also loves art and craft supplies!
  • Brandy
    My daughter still loves littlest pet shop.
  • Jessica
    My daughter really wants the frozen Elsa skate around doll.
  • North
    I have a 2 year old daughter who only wants to build a snowman for Xmas !!
  • Irene
    Clothes that they want to pick.
  • Laura
    My furbaby wants new food dishes and a dog bed lol!
  • harp
    LEGO. It's like child catnip. Aside from that, a PS4.
  • Kelly J.
    My daughter want a lego friends house and my son wants a Nerf gun.
  • missprairiegirl
    My grandson want any toys associated with Minecraft.
  • KittyPride
    I keep warm with sweaters and there are some throws that I keep around for an extra layers of warmth
  • David
  • Tracy
    Skylanders anything. ^^
  • Michelle
  • Sue
    Year-round, it is LEGO.
  • Yvonne T.
    Always LEGO
  • Sandra
    My oldest would like Lego Architecture, my middle two would like Star Wars Lego, and my youngest would like a light sabre.
  • Dave
    Classic Lego, he can never have enough blocks
  • Lucie5
    My grandsons would like hockey nets to use for street hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer.
  • Cheryl I.
    They are asking for dolls!
  • lennypuz
    He asked for a sheep and a monster truck lol.
  • Jonnie
    My sons want some boomco blasters
  • Harjot
  • moe146
    Legos Legos Legos
  • William
    Transformers and anything "Frozen"
  • Rod
    Barbie accessories!
  • Anita
    My daughter would love anything from Frozen (especially if it involves Olaf) and my son loves Lego
  • Jill
    Magnatiles, Thomas, Cars, or Frozen - thank goodness little ones are so easy to shop for!
  • Tina
    Monster High Dolls
  • henglish
    Xbox games are on the list this year. ~ I'm an email subscriber
  • AJ
    Paw Patrol toys
  • Carmen L.
    No kid, but my nephew and niece would love some Legos and new plushies! -Already subscribed to emails -Pinterest: -Twitter: -Facebook:
  • michelle
    a robot puppy - zoomer
  • linda
    Youngest grandson would like hot wheels.
  • Lisa
    My little guy is asking for anything SpiderMan and the Fisher Price Glendragon Castle set. :)
  • Lisa
    I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily updates.
  • ginette4
    My child's toy would be a gaming laptop..she's 15 lol
  • ginette4
    I'm a subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
  • ginette4
    following on pinterest; ginette4 pinned
  • Gayle E.
    My son is wishing for a digital piano keyboard
  • Tasha
    My little guy wants a microscope set!
  • Lisa S.
    My 8 yr old son wants a Nintendo DS (too expensive) & my 6 year old daughter wants Gelarti, more reasonably priced :)
  • Irene E.
    X box
  • katama381
    I subscribe to the daily updates
  • Deepti
    I don't have kids of my own yet but my best friend's son asked me for a collection of hot wheels.
  • Marissa
    Pokemon cards!
  • andres d.
    My 3 year old daughter is asking for the Elsa doll, she loves Frozen!
  • andres d.
    I'm a subscriber to the daily updates!
  • Sarai
    One of the Lego Friends Jungle sets
  • Sarai
    Newsletter subscriber
  • Sarai
    Liked on Facebook
  • jay n.
    I asked them what they would really want if they could only have one thing: Skylanders Trap Team Cell Phone (dream on) Pokemon Cards
  • AB
    Lego and Beanie Boos!
  • Viola
    My four year old grandson wants a telescope, and anything with spiderman on it. Go figure.
  • Jocelyn
    My son wants Lego Star Wars and my daughter wants Monster High/Ever After High Dolls.
  • SueSueper
    My son wants an iPhone. Pfft, don't we all.
  • SueSueper
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    I like you on facebok Here's my share:
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    I follow you on pinterest Here's my pin:
  • sheila
    My daughter, like any baby, just wants something that will entertain her :)
  • Shirley H.
  • Jolene
    I have 4 boys Remi,5, wants 2 lumps of coal, a candy cane and a dinosaur Ripley, 4, wants a remote control monster truck Redding, 4, wants the biggest, biggest, airplane ever so he can crash it into things Victor, 1, loves duplo
  • Paulette C.
    Wooden blocks
  • Ann
    Lego Chima seems to be the number one request
  • Jasen H.
    an Xbox One
  • zahra p.
    The new Frozen-themed board games such as Olaf's in trouble and the Frozen-themed monopoly
  • zahra p.
    I am an email subscriber
  • Jasen H.
    I'm subscribed to daily email updates
  • Elaine W.
    Don't have kids, but I know my husband probably wants Lego!
  • Debbie
    Lego Friends. ANY lego friends!
  • Elaine W.
    already subscribed to newsletter
  • Ezekiel
    My son would love a Lego Ninja Go
  • mike d.
    other than a real puppy, she would also like a fur real puppy go go
  • Betty C.
    Baby Elsa & Anna dolls!
  • Betty C.
    Already a subscriber
  • Betty C.
    Tweeted as @turtletatty
  • Linda P.
    anything that relates to the movie Frozen
  • wes
    hot wheels
  • Saba
    Monster High everything!!
  • Betty C.
    Shared on my FB wall
  • Mike
    A PS4!!!
  • Betty C.
    Pinned & follow as turtletatty
  • 123jox
    Video games are all the rage in my house! :)
  • Jenny
    A kitchen play set.
  • Jenny
    Newsletter email subbie.
  • Jenny
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  • Jenny
    Pinned and followed - jennierinnn
  • Danielle G.
  • Scott
    I keep warm in the winter with longjohns.
  • Scott
    Oops, I meant to answer with this: My child is wishing for a skateboard this year
  • Jasen H.
    Tweeted -
  • Carol M.
    Elsa doll
  • Suzie M.
    My little guy would like Lego for Christmas
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
    posted on Facebook
  • Suzie M.
    I subscribe via email
  • Suzie M.
    pinterest suzquiz m
  • Donna L.
    Anything from Frozen
  • Donna L.
    I subscribe to Bargainmoose daily e-mails
  • Belinda M.
    My son would be so happy to get a ps4
  • Belinda M.
    I am an email subscriber
  • Belinda M.
  • Donna L.
    I Tweeted
  • Rebby
    A Sphero is on the top of the list!
  • Belinda M.
  • Rebby
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  • Rebby
    I tweeted
  • Donna L.
    I Like Bargainmoose on Facebook and posted this contest on my wall.
  • Rebby
    I pinned!
  • Debbie B.
    Lego Simpsons
  • nicolthepickle
    My daughter would like the Barbie Chalk doll too, but what she's really wishing for is an Elsa doll.
  • nicolthepickle
    I am subscribed to your daily updates. nicolthepickle(at)hotmail(dot)com
  • nicolthepickle My tweet
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    I subscribe
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    and pinned
  • Andrea W.
    Our kids are older so all wants are for PS4 games or 3DS games.
  • Andrea W.
    Subscribe via email.
  • Andrea W.
    Follow and pinned -
  • maria
    Holiday Barbie
  • Brenda P.
    I am subscribed via email
  • Linda
  • Maegan M.
    My son wants boomer the dinosaur!
  • Maegan M.
    I tweeted:
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    I shared on facebook:
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    Pinned on pinterest:
  • Nina M.
    an american girl doll
  • Nina M.
    I subscribe by email
  • Karla S.
    my teen son wants a PS4
  • Karla S.
    email subscriber
  • Karla S.
    shared on twitter
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    follow and pinned on pinterest
  • Tracy D.
    She is wishing for a doctors kit. Not old enough to want tech yet. Lol
  • Suzi
    A new iPod touch
  • Carol M.
    Posted on FB
  • Ken
    lego star wars
  • Stephanie
    My son wants a Perplexus.
  • Colleen
  • Pam R.
    Minecraft Lego!
  • Mei
    Lego cars
  • Linda Q.

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