Sears Canada: Save Up To 40% On Items For Your Home

28 July 2012

Sears Canada has many different items on sale for up to 40% off the regular price. Savings for each item, as well as expiry date for sale varies, check item for information.

Item categories included are as follows:

Bed and bath items are one of my favorites to shop for. These Whole Home Alexandria Premium quality heavyweight towels look nice, sale price starting at $4.79, and there are facecloths, bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets and tub mats available. Not all colours are available for all items.

For the Kitchen and Bath category, I would love to get this Steel-Function Egg cup and saltshaker priced at $9.59. I will need 2 of them because my grandchildren love soft-boiled eggs. They seem to have so much fun dipping toast strips into the yolk. Imagine how special they will feel with their own little egg holders.

Here's a good deal on Yves Martin Men's briefs, package of 3, priced at $6.99, regular price $9.99. These come with 3 different colours in package, but not every size is available. Maybe your guy prefers boxers like these Hanes 2-pack ringer style trunks priced at $14.69, regular price $20.99 and all sizes still available.

The women's items, much like the men's seems to be only under garments, but this pack of 2 Jessica stretch cotton day bras is priced at $11.24, regular price $14.99. I love the comfort and freedom with these rather than traditional bras.

I did not see anything in the tool items that interested me, (only 4 items), but take a look, there might be something for you. Check each item for sale expiry date.

Shipping: depends on item and location

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