Sears Canada Luggage Event


OK this sounds like a boring post… it's just about luggage! But I thought it was worth a mention for those of you who need new luggage, or just need to replace your old pieces. Right now, Sears Canada is holding a "luggage event" until the 5th of February 2010 .

There is up to 55% discount available, from many brands… from Air Canada to Swissgear.

Some examples:

Honestly, your luggage gets a lot of wear and tear as it goes through the airports. I've got a Samsonite set which I've had for about 7 years now. For one piece, the handle has fallen off about 3 times due to rough treatment in the airport, and I keep having to get it fixed.

I do think it's worth spending quite a bit on decent luggage if you happen to travel quite a lot. Plus, I definitely prefer the hard-sided cases, I feel they keep your belongings much more safe when travelling.

What do you think?

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