New Bargainmoose Contest! 7 Days Of Prizes From Sears Canada: Win a $100 Gift Card Today (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner added soon ***

Enter today at Bargainmoose to win a gift card each day for the next seven days from Sears Canada! I know our Moosers love contests and gift card contests are the best because you can choose whatever you want and Sears has everything! Today you'll get a chance to win a $100 gift card.

If I had a chance to win a gift card from Sears, I might get some new jeans for the whole family. It just so happens all jeans are on sale right now. If you win this gift card, you can take advantage of any hot deals on site to get the most bang for your gift card buck.

You can save up to 50% on jean brands like Lee, Lois, Point Zero, Nevada, Pennington and more. Levi's is such a popular brand, known through the generations as "the jeans". It is easy to see why they are still going strong.

You can save $20 on these Levi's Red Tab 505 regular fit jeans for men, now only $39.99. For women, the Levi's 512 perfectly slimming boot cut sounds promising. Now $49.97. Of course you can't forget the kiddos, like these Levi's girls' denim leggings, $10 off, now $24.99.

How to win this prize?

What are your favourite brand of jeans and why? Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 9th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion


  • Patricia
    My favourite jeans are from Reitman's. They fit so well and carry a good size range including petites!
  • SueSueper
    I like George Classics, they fit and feel good and are a reasonable price. :-)
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  • Chantal
    My favorite jean are Denver Hayes from Marks Warehouse. They seem to be the only ones that fit right and are the right length!
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  • Tracy
    I like the comfort boot-cut jeans from Reitmans - makes my butt look good. ;p (_l_)
  • Cat
    Definitely the Levis!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cat
    Definitely the Levis as they are comfy (even not the most stylish ones)!
  • Lori C.
    Levi's for sure! Or old school Lee jeans!
  • North
    I personally love the look and fit (especially for length) of Silver jeans.....but only when they are on sale!!!
  • moe146
    Not too concerned with the brand....just as long as they are comfortable.
  • Danielle
    Levi's! the most comfortable jeans ever..
  • missprairiegirl
    I like the Calvin Klein jeans.
  • Kelly J.
    I like Old Navy Sweetheart...they fit good!
  • Brennan
    Levi's. I've had the same pair for almost 10 years and they're the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned
  • lennypuz
    My fav pair is a 7 for all mankind, which is premium denim and my other is mossimo from target haha, both feel and fit great.
  • Katy
    I actually like jeans from Joe Fresh. Like $20 a pair..can't go wrong! =)
  • Barb O.
    Levi's and Bluenotes boot cut (before they gave them names). So hard to find jeans that don't gap at the back anymore. Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Sonya
    Silvers are the only jean I have been wearing for over 18 years. No other company fits like them!
  • Jill
    I'm into Paige jeans lately - they retain their shape, have a bit of stretch and feel like pyjamas!
  • Juli
    Any brand as long as they look good and fit comfortably
  • Carolyn
    Whichever brand looks good and fits me
  • Mel
    I just picked up some Patagonia jeans on clearance, and I am loving them!
  • Laura
    My fav brand is whatever is on sale! lol but right now my go to pair are American Eagle
  • dale
    Love my levis
  • Dave
    Relax fit wrangler. They are comfy and seem to all come in different shades
  • CalgaryCaper
    Gap jeans are my favourite! Their new slim straight fit is great because they're not quite as fitted as their skinny jeans, but they still give a nice silhouette.
  • Marie
    Silver jeans. I like the suki cut because they hug over my wide hips and fit right. Very comfy. So far they're also the jeans that withstand longest before wearing out. They're pricey but worth the investment.
  • Ashley
    Gap bootcuts in the 1969 label!
  • Shelly
    I like the Reitmans and Old Navy jeans for a curvy figure. Very comfortable. I also subscribe to Bargainmoose daily emails.
  • Hazel S.
    I love Gap 1969 straight cut jeans!
  • michelle
    I love my warehouse one skinny jeans
  • UncleStuart
    I like bluenotes because they fit and the distressed look.
  • Rick
    I know it sounds cheap but Walmarts jeans are the only ones that fit properly
  • Jocelyn
    I like Silver brand jeans. The style I always wear is Suki. They are slightly stretchy, so they conform to my curves better.
  • henglish
    Don't have a favorite brand, as long as they fit well. ~ I'm an email subscriber ~ Tweet:
  • Janet B.
    Joe Fresh - because they are cheap and cheerful!
  • Jen
    American Eagle jeans - love that they come in different lengths, so I don't have to pay to get them hemmed.
  • Nancy
    I like the hollister ones because there are different lengths for any leg length!
  • ginette4
    My favourite brand is Silver,,,they are so comfortable
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  • Bluenoser
    Silver Jeans are the only ones that fit me right. I love them!
  • Batool
    American eagle jeans works best for me! =)
  • Anita
    I love Old Navy Jeans! I buy them for my husband (he wears them all the time), I buy them for my kids (great fit) and I lived in their maternity jeans during my pregnancies :)
  • BrennanBones
    I... don't have a favourite brand. I rarely wear jeans oO.
  • linda
    My fav jeans are ones that stretch these days ,when I was younger it was Levis.
  • Dolores F.
    Silver. Great style!
  • Carmen L.
    Gap jeans (when on sale)! They're comfortable and last through many washes over the years, retaining their shape and fit. -Already subscribed to emails -Twitter: -Pinterest: -Facebook:
  • melanie b.
    always has been levi's boot cut jeans!
  • Tenille77
    My hubby loves Levis. They just fit him (and his butt) so well :)
  • Sophia
    Love the old navy Sweetheart line. super comfy and price is bang on
  • Brandy
    I really like Warehouse One jeans...I like the price, and that they come in "short" leg lengths.
  • Renee
    Levis. They fit the budget and more importantly, my ass!
  • Steve
    My fav brand is Dakota as they are nice and strong. Good for Canadian winters!
  • Jolene F.
    I like the gap jeans if I can get them on sale or Levi's. Depends on the style. The low rise ones just fall of my but so if they are a high rise and a good fit, the brand realy doesn't matter :)
  • Jenny L.
    My favourite are from 7 For All Man Kind. I love them because they fit very nicely and are super comfy and worth the investment.
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  • Marlene
    Buffalo jeans , they fit the best on my body
  • Marlene
  • Debbie
    Reitmans jeans, because they have an ultrapetite size for really short people like me!
  • Prairigrl
    I don't know. I remember having a pair of Lucky jeans I really liked. :)
  • Amanda
    Any brand that's on sale and fits good works for me.
  • Marconia
    My current favourite jean brand is Levi's. They fit great and priced well.
  • Mags
    I'd probably have to say Jbrand!
  • airdom
    Levis are my favorite! They're actually the jeans that fit me best!
  • Robi
    Denver Hayes ladies jeans: shaped for a Lady- with hips - and a tush!
  • zahra p.
    My favorite brand would have to be American Eagle because they fit just right. But I tend not to be too picky when it comes to jeans and will wear just about any brand.
  • shane
    Urban Star. May not be designer jeans but very comfortable
  • Danielle G.
    Gap jeans - they just seem to fit right!
  • Angelene A.
    Levi's slimming boot cut, getting old here & getting smaller as I age, lol! Great fit for me :)
  • Carol M.
    I like Levi's
  • Londia
    I like Levi's as they always seem to fit nice and the company has been around for along time silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com
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  • Karry K.
    Levis because of their durability and fit
  • Karry K.
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  • sheila
    I don't really have a favorite brand...usually buys whatever is on sale. But currently I like my Old Navy jeans as they fit me quite well.
  • Mike G.
    levi's because they always fit me
  • Lisa L.
    My favourite are J brand because they have a nice variety and I can always count on them.
  • wes
    Levi's. Because I like them and they used to have a plant in Edmonton.
  • Nina M.
    second yoga jeans - they are super comfy!
  • Nina M.
    I get your daily email!
  • ZinkFollowers
    Don't have a favourite. Just want them to be durable and comfortable.
  • Harjot
    My favorite pair of jeans are Buffalo Jeans. I like them because they are affordable, comfortable, and look great!!
  • Sue
    Honestly? Cheap ones - right now I wear Joe and Old Navy :)
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  • Michelle
    J Brand. Fabulous!! They retail for around $200 but I picked up a pair for $7 at a second-hand store. I wear them every day after work plus weekends. I wash them once a week or sometimes every two weeks. They have great shape and fit well. I always say when you've got a great pair of pants you don't need to buy any more!
  • peachie
    Levi's has fitted me well
  • Nikki s.
    Levis are the best for me.
  • Amy
    Bullhead! So comfy, and come in a great range of washes.
  • Peter
    Love the Levi's but being on a budget, I have to get Wrangler jeans. I find them to be durable and at a cheap price.
  • DaveO
    Levis, good fit and last long
  • Stephanie
    Lucky jeans- they have just the right amount of stretch.
  • maria
    Rock and Republic. They fit very well.
  • jay n.
    Silver - they are soft and fit my curves.
  • Suzi
    I love Levi's because they feel great!
  • Patrick S.
    i like levi's because they fit me good.
  • Dawn
    Levi's 501
  • Karim L.
    I like Old Navy jeans as I find them to be the best fit and comfort for their price
  • Wanda T.
    I like Levi's jeans.They feel like a good fit.
  • Wanda T.
    I have pinned this contest on Pinterest. I hhave tweeted and subscribed to e- mail newsletter.Thank you for the contest.
  • Mei
    Mavi as they have different cuts and quality is good
  • lynn c.
    levis because I swear there the most comfortable jeans ive ever worn and they don't ride up

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