Sears Canada Contest Day 3: Win a $100 Gift Card (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner added soon! ***

Day three of the Sears contest means another $100 gift card to be won! We are getting a lot of entries each day, with some entertaining answers! I got a few great ideas for my own kids from your answers yesterday to what toy your child wants. I loved Moose SueSueper's answer that her son wants an iPhone and "Pfft, don't we all". Sue, I totally agree! My son asked for one too!

Today only at Sears, you can get a whopping 75% off the wholeHome style factor Cornell tight-top sleep set. There are varying sizes available, starting from $66.25.

You can also set yourself up for New Years Eve with Sears one-day only sale on dresswear, with up to 60% off. This pretty chiffon number is only $35.99!

How to win this prize?

How will you be spending New Years Eve? In bed or out on the town (or doing something else)? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 11th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion


  • Karen
    New Years eve? Playing cards with friends.
    • Paulette C.
      Spending time with family at the cottage up north.
  • scseward
    We will be spending it with friends.
  • lennypuz
    I will be sleeping, cuddling my little man!:)
  • Pat
    Spending it with friends, in the city
  • SueSueper
    I will be spending new years eve in bed most likely. That's the way I roll. :-)
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  • Amber Y.
    I'll be at home with the boyfriend. We signed up for babysitting duty for our sisters so that they could party it up. We don't have kids so they need the break more than us ;)
  • Sarai
    Watching other people party on TV :)
  • Sarai
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  • Cappellis
    Making lots of different appetizers and watching the ball drop on TV
  • Tina
    I will be spending it at a nice dinner out with a friend. :)
  • Lucie5
    This year, I am going to a wedding on New Years Eve. Very different, but great for celebrating with family and friends.
  • Emily
    Out on the town with my husband and friends!
  • Chantal
    I shall be at home in the warmth of my home with my husband.
  • Gayle E.
    Probably at home, unless an exciting offer comes up!
  • missprairiegirl
    We usually make popcorn and watch comedy movies or comedy tv shows on TV!
  • sandra
    I will be spending new years eve at work. My family tapes the ball drop and then we watch it with the kids the next day and cheer to the New Year.
  • Ann
    Will be home watching a good movie.
  • Irene
    In bed as we can never make it till midnight.
  • Julie F.
    We normally have a open house!
  • Michelle
    Boyfriend and I are watching old movies together eating fondue and drinking champagne.
  • David
    At home watching the big crystal ball drop at Times Square and then going to bed a half hour later.
  • Nicole
    At home playing board games and drinking champagne with the hubby! Except we'll probably toast the new year at 10, because our preschooler is up with the sun no matter how late mommy and daddy stay up!
  • linda
    At home with friends.
  • Joanne
    Going out for intimate dinner with friends and then back home for a nightcap and watch the NYC ball drop!
  • CalgaryCaper
    Depends on the weather. If it's cold I'll watch the countdown with Mom and Dad while eating popcorn. If it's not too bad out we might try to take in the fireworks at the boardwalk.
  • Brenda P.
    I stay home on New Years
  • Nicole
    I'll probably be in bed but if I'm still up I'll watch the ball drop.
  • Moe A.
    Probably sleeping.
  • janicour
  • William
    Partying like it's 1999
  • nicolthepickle
    We're hoping to have a party, but so far the RSVP's have all been no. :(
  • nicolthepickle
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  • Brenda P.
    I am subscribed via email
  • Laura
    Playing board games with our kid, and try to keep her up to ring in the new year!!
  • nicolthepickle
  • nicolthepickle
    Facebook post.
  • Suzan
    My husband and I usually spend New Years on our own......this year we are going to a house party!
  • Tenille77
    in bed! unless anything changes :)
  • Jonnie
    I will be at home New Years Eve playing board games with the family
  • Jonnie
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  • peachie
    party with close friends email subscriber
  • Jen Z.
    We usually keep it low-key and stay in to watch a movie. In fact, we might be "grandma-sitting" because my parents always go out. Then we host a casual open house for friends and family on New Year's Day.
  • Scott
    My family will be spending New Years Eve over at our friend's place with a few other families. It's always a frantic, hectic, fun time! - email subscriber - posted to my facebook wall
  • Michelle A.
    NYE plans? Spending time with loved ones, and a glass of wine or two! :)
  • puneet
    We will be travelling back from our vacation in the caribbean :)
  • tannis
    NYE is at home with the kids. Probably be asleep before midnight. No matter the day, kids up are up bright and early!
  • Cheryl I.
    This year will be a quite one I think because I have to work that night and the next day.
  • Tracy D.
    We're not big NYE people, Chinese food and movies at home! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • Sue
    Nada - quiet night at home!
  • Brandy
    At home doing not much.
  • Lisa
    NYE will be spent having fun- ringing in the new year with extended family.
  • Lisa
    I subscribe to daily update emails. :)
  • Christy
    We will be with the cousins on NYE, celebrating on New York time so we can go to bed early in BC!
  • Laura
  • Cosimo
    Honestly, my wife loves it when all the kids pile up on our bed and so we welcome the new year together... Thx
  • North
    Hopefully spending te day outside playing in the snow building snowman with our 2 year old and then head in for a nice warm fire and fill our faces with all kinds of good eats!! Have fun with all your plans ;)
  • Katy
    Just spending it with my family, board games, and some homemade beer =)
  • Ezekiel
    We will spend our first New Year in Canada with our few relatives here in Winnipeg.
  • michelle
    we will be spending new year's at our local ski hill. Early fireworks with our kids and maybe out with friends a little later
  • Carolyn
    With my family
  • Jennifer L.
    I'll be home with my family.
  • Shirley
    New Years eve I'll be cuddled up in front of the TV, enjoying the celebrations taking place around the world, and looking out at the neighbors lighting their fireworks.
  • Suzie M.
    New Years eve, I will be at home by myself unless of course I am babysitting the grandkids
  • Suzie M.
    I subscribe to daily email
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
  • Sue J.
    I'll be at home with my dog, watching Ryan Seacrest drop Dick Clarks ball!
  • Amanda
    Probably have a few drinks at home, play with the kids and watch the ball drop on tv with my fiancee.
  • Wendy P.
    My husband and I have plans to spend New Year's Eve with my sister and her British fiancé who we've never met!
  • ginette4
    I'll be spending New Year's eve with my family, watching movies and a few drinks
  • ginette4
    I'm a subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
  • ginette4
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  • Sandra
    wii party with the kids
  • Rod
    With family in Phoenix!
  • Christine G.
    I will probably be at a low key party with some close friends.
  • Betty C.
    Honestly, I have NO clue what we're doing for NYE this year, lol! I'm sure it will be doing something fun with family.
  • Carmen L.
    Not sure yet, but it'll definitely be interesting as I'm going to Europe for the holidays! -Already subscribed to emails -Twitter: -Pinterest: -Facebook:
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  • katama381
    Spending it with my hubby and kids. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to my fellow Bargain Moosers!
  • Irene E.
    we stay home ..... and ring in the new year together
  • zahra p.
    I have family coming from out of the country so we will likely stay up and play board games, eat drink and have a good time
  • Mary
    I will be wishing my oldest son a very happy birthday on New Years Eve...great day to have a birthday don't you think??
  • zahra p.
    I am an email subscriber
  • KittyPride
    Watching movies with my kids or playing games till midnight when we can bang pots and yell
  • KittyPride
    I subscribe to the newsletter
  • Barb O.
    I plan every year to go out and almost every year I stay home. We went to my husband's staff house party last year but haven't decided what is up this year. Probably nothing :( Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Rick
  • Nancy M.
    New Year's Eve will be a quiet one at home.
  • Nancy M.
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  • Anita
    I will do some cooking at home, skate a little and maybe play some board games.
  • AJ
    Hosting a party with family and friends
  • linda
    Chinese Food & spend the nigh on the couch watching the ball drop.
  • Elaine W.
    spending NYE with family watching a movie marathon
  • Elaine W.
    already subscribed to newsletter
  • Stacy S.
    Being a Mommy to 10 =) I will be more than likely babysitting friends Children's =) For Free to boot =)
  • lilpeej
    Will be spending it alone, at home. *sigh*
  • lilpeej
    I subscribe to daily email updates.
  • Mei
    In bed pregnant with baby before midnight and waking up early with my hubby and toddler on New Year's Day!
  • Brennan
    Quiet night at home after the little guy goes to sleep
  • Jasen H.
    100% chance I'll be spending it in bed!
  • Jasen H.
    Subscribed to daily email updates
  • Cecilia
    I will be out and about with my daughters but then we will be staying in for the rest of the night
  • Cecilia
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  • Cecilia
  • Donna L.
    I'll be going to a movie with my hubby!
  • Donna L.
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  • Karla S.
    I have no idea yet,,probably out somewhere,,but not sure where to
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  • jay n.
    We are going out of town to visit my family.
  • Jocelyn
    We will have a party with friends at our place.
  • Karry K.
    I will be spending it at home with my children
  • Karry K.
    I subscribe to the newsletter via email karryknisley76 at yahoo dot ca
  • Linda P.
    We always go out to dinner with friends and then a movie.
  • Rebby
    I'll be partying it up on NYE!
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  • Jen C.
    Ringing in the New Year With a Big Dinner and Party with Friends!! Bring on 2015!! I am so ready to start Fresh
  • Andrea W.
    We usually make it a family night with movies or games and food!
  • Andrea W.
    Already an email subscriber.
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  • Anne
    Planning to spend New Years Eve with family and friends around a bon fire sharing food and drink
  • Linda Q.
    Can't decide...still planning!?
  • Sharon
    I will be spending New Year's Eve, watching 20-somethings have a great time at our son and future daughter-in-law's Stag and Doe!! lol
  • Jenny L.
    I'll be at a house party with my friends!
  • Jenny L.
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  • Jenny L.
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  • Belinda M.
    My boyfriend and I will spending the evening in with chinese food, wine and a good movie
  • Belinda M.
  • Belinda M.
  • Belinda M.
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  • Saba
    We're going away for a short staycation!
  • Jasen H.
    Tweeted -
  • Colleen
    At home with my family
  • charmin
    Dining out
  • suzi
    I'm going to spend it dealing with jet lag!
  • suzi
    I subscribe :)
  • Stephanie
    Our friends from Sask are coming to Cow-town for New Years Eve. We'll have a family party with the parents and kids. Whoop, whoop!
  • henglish
    Probably going out with friends, not decided yet. ~Email subscriber ~ Tweet:
  • Aimee
    At home !!!
  • darci
    at home with kids and boyfriend coming to visit!
  • Tricia C.
    On New Years Eve I will have dinner with my Mom and then attend a house party!

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