Sears Canada Bonus Numbers For Discount: $10 off $50 or $10 off $100!!

There are a few active

[blogcoupon name="Sears" code="941612103" url="" discount="$10 off $100+" expiry="30th December 2008"]

[blogcoupon name="Sears" code="941612145" url="" discount="$10 off $50+" expiry="15th December 2008"]

[blogcoupon name="Sears" code="941615969" url="" discount="$25 off $250+" expiry="15th December 2008"]

[blogcoupon name="Sears" code="941612939" url="" discount="$50 off $500+" expiry="25th December 2008"]

Don’t forget that are doing free shipping on a lot of items during December!


  • Anna
    I've found another one, I'll add it to the above: 941615969 = $25 off $250, unknown expiry :)
  • Anna
    Also adding this one: 941612939 = $50 off $500, expires 25th December 2008
  • Brenda
    Hi Anna I must take the time to thank you for all your coupons/promo codes for sears I look everyday at your site to get them with 5 kids its hard to get everything they need or want and with your coupons I have saved so much on winter gear christmas gifts everything Thanks for taking the time to provide these coupons/promo codes online. Forever greatful Mom 2 5

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