Marshmallow Sofas $39.99 @

Marshmallow Sofas $39.99

I just grabbed an adorable Marshmallow Sofa to stick under the Christmas tree this year! Right now has them on for $39.99 and there are quite a few to choose from.

These Marshmallow 2-in-1 Sofas transform from a sofa to a bed - even the kids can do it! The kids will appreciate having their own space to watch a movie or read a book, and you will be happy that they aren't climbing allover you during that process.

Here are the Marshmallow Foam Sofas available from Amazon Canada for $39.99:

These same cute little sofas are $59.99 @, $59.99 @, $59.99 @ and $49.96 @ (with less selection). throws in free shipping since these are over the minimum spend requirement of $35.

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