Ikea Canada: 25% Off Shipping

12 September 2014


Ikea Canada is offering 25% off shipping costs right now. While this is not a large promotion from the Swedish giant, it is rare for there to be an online promotion so I thought it worth blogging about.

Not everyone has the convenience of an Ikea nearby, but they would still like to purchase Ikea furniture and more for either the aesthetic or the cost. While not all products are available online, it at least gives you somewhere to start when shopping for your new Ikea goods.

If you need a new dresser, check out the TARVA 3 drawer chest that was just reduced from $99 to $79.99. It is made of solid wood and has nice smooth running drawers. This dresser is perfect for a child's bedroom or the room of a more minimalistic shopper (it certainly would not fit my husband's wardrobe).

The 25% off shipping is automatically taken off and the estimate given reflects this discount. Ikea shipping is fairly high, but you must keep in mind you are shipping very heavy objects. The dresser above, after discount, would cost $18.75 to ship to Vancouver Island. Here in Nanaimo, we are not on the mainland and we are pretty far from an Ikea, which is probably why it costs so much.

You do not have to buy furniture at Ikea, there are also linens and other (smaller) objects you can purchase from there as well. Summer is quickly fading into fall, but you can bask in the green days of summer with this STRANDKRYPA duvet cover and pillowcase(s) set for $34.99. Shipping would be just $10.50 to where I live, and probably much less for mainland Canada.

I do not have much from Ikea myself, but I do love their bookshelves. They seem to be very versatile and I have seen so many things made out of them including benches and display cases. My main Ikea purchases have been big mason jars for my baking supplies and small glass jars for spices. I really like using the glass mason jars as my ingredients stay fresher much longer in the jars. I also do not have to worry about pesky insects as the jars seal. My spices also stay fresher longer in my Ikea jars.

Moosers, do you shop at Ikea? If so, what are some of your favourite things that you have purchased from there?

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