Hudson’s Bay Promo Code Stacking! Compile 20% off, 25% off, $15 off $75, etc! Glitch? (EXPIRED)

6 September 2014

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Don’t you love it when a good deal comes together? Well, I do! Just like a few weeks ago here, I’ve found a few more promo codes from Hudson’s Bay that seem to stack together to give MULTIPLE discounts on some items! Here are some of the details:

Click here to use The Hudson’s Bay promo codes online now

  • Coupon Code: HBVIP49
  • Discount: 10% to 25% off
  • Expires: 7th September 2014

There are some terms and conditions for the above code: the 10% discount applies to regular priced cosmetics & fragrances, all mattresses, furniture, appliances & personal-care electrics. The 25% discount amount applies to all fashion and accessories, footwear, jewellery, handbags, linen and housewares.

Here’s another code:

  • Coupon Code: HBVIPFD49
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expires: 7th September 2014

This coupon code could have the same terms and conditions as the above, I’m not sure on that.

For illustration purposes and to how you how this deal works, I was testing this coupon code out on this KITCHENAID 5-Speed Blender which is priced at $149.99. When I added the coupon codes C7HOME7, HBVIPFD49 and HBVIP49, it discounted $89.25 off the price, bringing it down to only $60.74!!! And here’s a screenshot of the multiple discounts being applied.


So here’s what you need to do: find an item on The Bay that you want to buy. Go here to our coupon codes page and try all the code combos on your item and work out what gives the best discount. This deal is going to work best on items in the “home” category so you can combine multiple discounts.

Shipping is free on a $99 spend and a flat rate of $7.95 on order under that value… but with the amount you are saving with the above coupon codes, then paying $8 shipping isn’t so harsh on a small order.

Hey! Tell us in the comments below what super bargains you manage to score!

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  • witchblade
    Wow!!! I wanted the Kitchenaid Ice Cream attachement... Same calculation with your example ($149.99 too) + you get night cream sample + 60 HBC points.
    • Anna W.
      Yes, I saw the night cream sample but i didn't mention it as I wasn't sure if it was with everything. Good luck!
      • witchblade
        And you get the $20 KitchenAid Fall rebate over that!!!!
  • Ann
    This is amazing ! I just bought several towels, so cheap !!
  • Lisa
    wow, when those are combined you get close to a 50% discount on clothing .... even on items that were already on sale!
    • Lisa
      I just received a notice from the bay that the codes cannot be combined and my order has been cancelled - the coupon stacking didn't work.
  • Julie
    I just purchased the blender, good deal. I also received a free face cream. Thanks for the heads up Bargain Moose!
  • Michael
    Fantastic deal. I bought two pants and one short that had regular price of $273, on clearance for $158 and with two promo codes applied (HBVIP49, HBVIPFD49) I saved another $71. Had to pay $10 shipping since it was under $100. I tried to use the $15 BAMOOSE code but it wouldn't stay through the checkout process though it did initially apply; strange.
    • Michael
      Very disappointed too. Bay says my order was cancelled due to unavailability of items. An obvious lie. They just don't want to honour their promo codes.
  • judy
  • Margie
    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this amazing deal.
  • Val
    I saw your post at 30 minutes after and went on a shopping spree, 420$ after savings from 920, which is very unusual for me to spend that kind of money. Savings are a bit too good to be true, so I won't be surprised if on Monday when they will actually come to fill those orders suddenly I will get an e-mail that there was an error :). I guess we will see. Thank you very much for sharing, lets hope it works.
    • Avigayil M.
      I spent close to that on my hubby's HBC card. I hope they don't cancel.. I want my new cookware!
  • Samantha
    This was amazing!! Thank you!
  • Donna
    I bought a le creseut oval reg $480 sale price$288 and a kitchen aid artisan mixer reg $449 sale price $292.50. And some other things with a big savings of $334.26. Amazing deal. Thanks so much for the heads up!
    • Donna
      I just got a notice that all the order was cancelled. Very sad that this happened. I really wanted my items. It is not fair that they let us put in the codes and cancel It in the end. Not happy.
  • T
    To sweeten the deal even more, for those of you left with a purchase over $75 after all discounts have been used, add promo code CEBK915 to the mix and get another $10-15 off.
  • Honest P.
    A good deal is great, but this seems to be a mistake. You are taking advantage of a company that employs 50 thousand of your fellow Canadians, who could be friends, family, co-workers...etc. I think what you are doing is completely shallow and you should all be ashamed of yourselves!
    • Stephen
      I think you should keep your comments to yourself, no one is doing anything wrong, are people stealing? No! People are buying merchandise at a saving, so shut up!
    • pinpin
      50,000 employees including some incompetent IT persons.
    • OriginalTM
      I think it's wrong for the company not to honour these. Shame on HBC on their poor customer service handling of this.
  • pauline
    sadly the fun ended, it looks like the fixed the stacking promo feature, you can only apply one at a time now. i wish i had a chance to take advantage of this as it really was too good to be true. :(
  • lennypuz
    Shoot! I knew I should've checked out last night, now they don't stack!
  • darci
    Love you Bargain Moose! Bought 2 down alternate duvet for under $100 then bought a couple pairs of sale shoes!!!
  • Avigayil M.
    Try coupon code CEBK915 - it was stacking for me a bit ago (never know when The Bay is going to fix these things). it is another $15 off coupon.
  • Kai L.
    Thank you for sharing this!!! Got a vitamix and dyson fan which never go on sale! Hope they don't cancel!
  • judy
    just got shipping confirmation, all the codes went through, unbelievable but great
    • Avigayil M.
      Woohoo!! I have HOPE~! :D
  • pauline
    Just wondering if people are getting shipping confirmations, the one bag that I was lucky to order before some of the codes were removed went through on Saturday but no shipping confirmation yet.....keeping my fingers crossed....
  • Samantha
    No shipping confirmation but I did get a notification for cancellation on one item as they are out of stock suddenly. No word on the rest of my (small) order.
  • Avigayil M.
    The hubby and I placed 3 separate orders. We have received a shipping confirmation for 1/3 - and not for the other two - here is hoping.
    • Val
      All my orders got canceled. It was too good to be true, though it can be considered false advertising. Anyhow wanted to update everyone
      • Avigayil M.
        Just received a cancel notification as well but it doesn't say which order was cancelled.
  • Val
    Interesting scheme they got there. First you browse all the categories, and get all excited. Then you actually purchase the items and get charged. Then they cancel your order and give a blanket discount. If we were not allowed to place multiple promo codes then their software should have prevented it from occurring.
    • Avigayil M.
      I think my order which was 'shipped' was actually cancelled - as it is not tracking at all, cannot be found by CP. and I agree. Companies should be responsible for their own glitches.
  • Sarah
    I received the cancellation email and a promo code that is valid for 3 days only. The items I wanted originally aren't even available online anymore either
  • Avigayil M.
    I just received a zillion 'out of stock' notices for items that are still in stock and a bunch of 'cancelled items' notices too. :(
    • Elsie
      My order status one shows"released" and one shows "In process"..Did you check your status before?Was is "Shipped"??
      • Avigayil M.
        I had a released, in progress, and something else as well. I had an email notifying me that one of my orders shipping... but in my account it is still not marked as shipped and the tracking number isn't tracking so I don't know what is going on with that one.
        • Elsie
          You probably need to wait for CP processing, usually take 1-2 days for tracking information. I don't know much bat The Bay,but released and in process to me means ready to ship and they can't just CANCEL it!:(
  • Donna
    My order was all cancelled. It's sad as others are going through with other people. I bet it was my kitchen aid art can stand mixer that did it. I'm sad about my order....I really wanted all the things I ordered.
  • pauline
    my order was cancelled; only ordered one bag that I was really excited about and now its out of stock so I can no longer get it, very sad :(
  • Karen
    Very disappointed to have my bay ordered cancelled. Any compensation coming?
    • Samantha
      The only 'compensation' was the email stating you get a 25% off promotional code that is non stackable and available for 3 days only; the refund notice says 3-5 days for your payment to be returned so you pretty much can only use the 25% off code if your willing to spend more money now and wait for the reimbursement after. I phoned in twice over my orders as it stated out of stock yet it is in stock still online. The woman was pretty rude and just continued to speak to me like I was stupid :(
  • Nora
    All 3 of my orders were cancelled. All items are "out of stock" which is doubtful since almost everything I ordered was not on sale. Just an excuse The Bay is using to not honor the website purchases. You lost a customer The Bay.
  • Michael
    Very disappointed too. Received several emails from HBC says my order was cancelled due to unavailability of items. An obvious lie. Judging from other experiences people are raising above, they just don't want to honour their promo codes.
  • Katie
    Someone should be posting about this on Twitter. If CBC picks it up, the Bay will have to honour the orders.
    • Lisa
      I totally agree!
  • judy
    my order is on it's way- tracking it -sent out on sept 7 today received order cancelled- don;t get it!!!! the bay better not change my credit card payment.
  • Angie
    mine got cancelled too =( Usually the big companies will honour this kind of mistakes they had...........not this time I guess
    • Liza
      My order of MK watches got cancelled too. So disappointed. First email was sent that one order is out of stock then 2nd email indicated order was cancelled. And when called, item was in stock, what a lie. Bunch of IT ppl do no work without playing games and we spent our time and energy to order the item and they dishonour our order bc of their system glitch. Never going to shop at Bay again.
  • Kayla
    My order was cancelled too! I am very disappointed. I bought a Kitchenaid Mixer and cover, my total was around $500.00 and I stacked four codes to get my entire total to only 223 dollars. I got an out of stock email for the cover and an unable to fulfill email for my mixer and a third saying only one code could be used on my order, in spite of the fact all of the codes applied to the order at the time. I've only read negative experiences with their customer service and this hasn't improved my outlook. I have heard from a few people if a company confirms the order they have to honour it, which I'm skeptical about. Has anyone else heard anything like that?
  • Vicky
    1 of my 3 orders were delivered today. I had purchased 2 duvet covers. I thought they were canceled with the rest but when I went back to check my emails there were no email specific to these duvets. Anyone got any order delivered by now? They probably picked n chose which they were still making money on to deliver.
  • judy
    amazing, just received my 2 sweaters and got $90 off. happy!
    • Anna W.
      Amazing! Really glad that this actually worked for some people... quite surprised actually!
  • Vicky
    Check this out
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks Vicky. Well - at the end of the day I received 1 item (a Le Creuset Cast Iron Pot) I had ordered. The rest was cancelled. Either way, I am pretty happy I got one pot out of the entire ordeal and I am happy that some others are also receiving the odd purchase. It is a shame that not everyone got what they ordered.

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