Home Outfitters Canada: One Day Sale – Christmas Lights And Wrap, Only $2.99 in-store

30 November 2012

Home Outfitters Canada has a sale for today only on indoor/outdoor Christmas lights and 4 roll Christmas wrap for $2.99. No rain checks will be issued and you cannot use money cards on these items. There is a limit of 6 on the light and a 4 on the wrap. Sale ends today or when quantities run out.

Ok, here's your chance to replace all those Christmas lights that haven't been working properly or are just plain old. These lights are a set of 40 and good for indoor or outdoor. The regular price is $7.99 and this is for the clear mini lights.

The Christmas wrap, what can I say. I would definitely buy the limit on this one. Even if you don't use it all, there is still next year. You get a package of 4 different styles of wrap and at a limit of 4 packages, that's 16 rolls.

I haven't really had an issue in the past with forgetting to buy Christmas lights, but I do sometimes find myself running out of wrapping paper, so this is a great deal for me

(Expiry: 30th Nov 2012)

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