Do You Want A $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card?


It’s time we had another little give-away on BargainMoose! This time I’m going to give you guys the chance to win a $50 Canadian Tire gift card, totally for free!

I can think of plenty of things I’d like to spend the $50 on… but I’ll be generous and pass this $50 prize on to you, my loyal readers.

How to enter contest:

You can win the $50 Canadian Tire gift card by subscribing to my BargainMoose daily email updates. If you are already subscribed, don’t worry, you will be automatically entered into the contest. (Remember, you must click the email verification link once you sign up, in order to be eligible)

If you’d like to gain an extra entry, post a comment below – double your chances of winning!!

If you would like to take this one step further, tweet the link to this contest on twitter – triple your chances of winning!!! Just be sure to post the link to your tweet/twitterfeed in my comments below, so I can keep track of your entries. Remember, you can follow me on twitter while you’re at it.

Good luck everyone! :)

* Contest open to Canadian residents only, ends 30th May 2009.
UPDATE: Winner announced in here!


  • Kerri
    Wow! $50 at Canadian Tire would really help toward solar power! I want to see if I can live mostly or even completely off-grid!
  • Sunny
    Hi Anna, Thanks for this great opportunity. Canadian tire is one of my favourite stores so I'm really excited about this gift card.
  • Rebecca
    Yes! This would be great! I also RT on Twitter ;)
  • Anna
    Thanks guys :) Can you post the link Rebecca, just so I can keep track of it please :) Thank you!
  • trig72
    this would come in so handy. got to get some plants to sprue up the front of the house!!!
  • Jess
    Oooh my hubby would love this! Thanks for the contest!
  • Maggie
    I love Canadian Tire so very much. And I'll need it, will be moving in a few months!
  • Ginger
    I just signed up for email updates, but I've already got you on my RSS reader and Twitter! I tweeted about the contest but I don't know how to link to the individual tweet--does anyone know how to do that?
  • Jonathan
    Canadian Tire, a Canadian icon. Hmm...$50 would be awesome! I always need engine filters and oil....especially with an oil change coming up :)
  • Nish
    Hey Anna, wow you got the best deals out there. I would like to enter for this. Thanks a lot
  • Melissa
    I really enjoy this site. Especially with our suffering economy - the coupons are coming in really handy Thanks Bargain Moose for helping me cope in this tough world.
  • wench
    me too, me too! this would be a great gift for hubby on father's day!
  • Jennyfer
    It's my hubby's favourite store and I know it would make him very happy if I win this contest. Here is my tweet: Hopefully it is the right way to add the twitter link:-0
  • Julee
    We LOVE Canadian Tire!
  • Katie
    As a student, $50 at Canadian Tire would go FAR! How much do I love Canadian Tire? I worked here for 1.5 years... I absolutely HATED it, but I loved having a bit of a discount!
  • Crystal W.
    Wow, what an awesome offer!
  • Kaitlin
    Awesome - love Canadian Tire. Thanks for the giveaway!
  • Kaitlin
  • Cristin
    What a generous give-a-way! Thank you very much for all the work you do!
  • Penny
    What a great prize, especially at this time of year. Canadian Tire always has loads of flowers and shrubs at decent prices so if I win I know what I will be spending it on. Thanks for the great contest
  • Anna
    Thanks for the comments everyone :) @Ginger - Regarding twitter, even if you just link to your account on twitter, I'll be able to see if you have tweeted it :) @Penny - good idea, would be great to spend $50 on shrubs and plants for a lovely garden :)
  • Louise
    Wow! I would love to win the $50 Canadian Tire gift card. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Callista
    Thanks for the opportunity Anna!!! :) This would certainly help with the Fathers Day gift!!! :)
  • Char
    I would love to win this!
  • Grocery A.
    This is a great contest! I hope I win, I have some reno's coming up.
  • Michelle
    I would love to win. Thanks for all your hard work too!
  • Nicole
    I can think of a very special guy in my life who would love this!! thanks for the chance :)
  • Justin
    Wicked! I would love this.
  • Justin Tweeted.. I haven't used the account very much though LOL
  • Anna
    Nice one, thanks Justin :) Good luck everyone!
  • Sheri
    Yay - I'd like to enter too... I tweeted this @ as well - great contest.
  • Vickie
    Thanks for the contest!
  • Deanne S.
    Just ran across your site, it's great!! I would like to enter the contest too!
  • Matt H.
    My parents ALWAYS shop at Canadian Tire and would be an awesome gift to them!
  • dayna
    glad you had comment links because at first i thought the contest was a scam (seen something similar on other sites)... thank you!
  • Leah
    Also just ran across your site! LOVE IT! im also a shopaholic and this is always the first site i look at now before i order things online! great work!
  • Kylie
    There are lots of awesome contests from this blog lately. Really cool!
  • Anna
    Thanks for the tweet sheri! @dayna: not sure why you'd think it might be a scam! I think the other can vouch for me, especially Nish, who won the last Old Navy coupon :) Thanks everyone for your lovely comments by the way, I put quite a lot of time into this blog and it is nice to hear that it is appreciated :)
  • Andrea
    So generous of you to give away a $50 gc, we love Canadian Tire!
  • anna
    My dad would love this gc! Thank you for the chance!
  • Rosy
    Canadian Tire is like a candy store for me! I'd have fun with $50!
  • Erin
    Yes please! I'd love a $50 gc for free!
  • Keri
    Great contest - the $50.00 will go towards a new bike!
  • Maya
    Just found good deals at CT that I can use the $50 on. Tx.
  • Cynthia
    Wow! I was just told about this website and I am very glad that I came to check it out! Man could I ever use $50 from Canadian Tire!
  • Anna
    Welcome to all the new folks :) Best of luck!
  • Jennifer
    Twittered, too (web link in my name)!!! Would love to WIN this! Thanks!
  • Lisa H.
    I tweeted for you :) I need a new dish set or towels. Hope I win!!
  • Dao
    great contest, thanks. I tweeted for you: !
  • codemonkey
    cool site... thanks for the offer...
  • Erin
    Thanks for the contest!
  • Rebecca
    oops, hadn't seen where you asked to post the twitter link ;) I re-tweeted - @bitofmomsense Have you entered to win a $50 gift card from @bargainmoose yet?
  • Snugnluv
    I subscribed to the email.
  • Snugnluv
    I'm following on Twitter too. :) If I win I'm going to buy a bike carrier for my baby.:))
  • Snugnluv Tweeted. But, I'm not sure how to post the link???
  • kelly
    Great contest !! I just love this site!!
  • Maria D.
    love it!! hope to win something;-0)-
  • Anna Z.
    Yes please! I need some gardening tools!
  • Heather
    I love this blog! :) I would love to win this gift card, too. Hmmm... I think I would use it AND my Canadian Tire money to help with my Square Foot Garden. Or maybe some fishing stuff for my dad. I love this store, it wouldn't be hard to spend it. :)
  • Anna
    Welcome to everyone, good luck in the contest! Loads of stuff on Canadian Tire that you cuold spend $50 on!! :)
  • melinda
    wow, me and my family have just moved to canada from australia, so, yeah, the voucher would help a LOT !
  • Rhonda
    This is awesome! Thanks Anna! Its so nice to see Canadian deals on the web!
  • Rhonda
    I tweeted this, as i think its awesome!
  • Rhonda
    Ok, I think is the proper!
  • Barb
    A $50 gift card would buy a lot of plants for our garden this summer!
  • Jonathan
    Woohoo....Canadian Tire. I need oil filters for my upcoming oil change!
  • Loren
    Great site! and I was just about to go to canadian tire... maybe I'll wait :-)
  • Kaitlin
    $50 goes a long way at Canadian Tire. This would be awesome!
  • Jo
    I've subbed to the email updates but also read you via my blog reader. Thanks for the contest. :)
  • Kim
    I really like your blog! I would love $50 from CT! I need to buy some plants for my garden.
  • willowsprite
    Oooo pick me! :)
  • Fay.H
    I'm renovating my house, this would be of great help! Thanks for sharing!
  • Lindsay
    I could so use this! We have so much stuff to do around the house, and with a wedding in 2 months - not enough money to do it all! Thanks!
  • Michelle
    Would love to be added, thanks so much!
  • anna
    Thanks for chance to win another one! :D
  • sam
    i think it would be a big help to win this giftcard. I am moving into a new house and i am pretty much broke.
  • Tammy H.
    I love Canadian Tire...they always have great deals in their flyers each week...often on things you wouldn't think of going to Canadian Tire for. I definately could spend $50 there so please pick me! :o)
  • Netters
    Great idea! Good luck to everyone!
  • carlycanadian
    Wow! This would be awesome to win! So many great things at CT too many to list, lol I need a portable BBQ, coleman or similar! Signed up for daily email, following on twitter & here's my tweet from @CarlyCanadian Do you want a $50 Canadian Tire Gift Cert?? Great Blog!
  • Megan
    Ohhh I could think of a few things to buy with $50 at Canadian Tire! ;)
  • judy k.
    I need a new lawn swing. The old one just fell apart and both of my cats and I are in mourning.
  • Penny
    Great prize. I love Canadian Tire and at this time of year the $50.00 GC would come in handy to purchase plants for the garden
  • LDC
    Love the generosity! Love the prize! Thanks for offering this. Man, that $50 could really come in handy with all the financial problems going around these days. I'm going to tweet this contest as well -- (My timeline is private but I can friend you so that you can verify). KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
  • Chris
    I could buy a new tool with $50, I love tools!
  • Angela
    $50 gift certificate would be VERY helpful. Thanks so much!!
  • Anna
    Welcome to bargainmoose everyone and good luck in the contest! It seems most of you are keen to use this in the garden section of Canadian Tire :)
  • Stacey.H.
    *dreams of winning the $50* Thanks for hosting!
  • A.K.
    $50 Canadian Tire gift card? Woohoo. It's almost as good as winning the 49million 649 ... almost but hey whose complaining? Not me ... woohoo ... better start practicing my happy dance. Thanks Anna =)
  • Moms B.
    Great give away! I am following you on Twitter and Subscribed to the site:)
  • Moms B.
    I added this to my twitter
  • Amanda can buy a lot of screws for $50......or a 1/6th of a canoe.
  • Amy
    Cool contest! Thanks for considering my entry.
  • waseem
    im newly married and love to shop on candian tire always....this is really tremendous deal...please please please ....i wish to be winner:)
  • Cassaundra
    Awesome I love canadian tire theres always something handy or something i need to fix i can get parts for there!
  • Catherine @.
    Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to win! I have subscribed.
  • Catherine @.
    Gave you a tweet on twitter!
  • Anna
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments and the tweets :) @Amanda - a sixth of a canoe! Wouldn't get you very far! :D
  • Geraldine
    I would love to win this contest. I'm constantly at Canadian Tire. Tweeted about the contest too.
  • amanda
    would love to win this!
  • amanda
    i tweeted it:
  • Rosita
    Thank you for sharing this!!
  • Annalee
    Cool contest, I could totally use this for solar lights for our garden.
  • Annalee
    Awesome good luck everyone
  • wendy
    i looooooove this website...just recently stumbled upon it...:)
  • Debra
    Not sure what I'd buy with the gift card, but that's why there's no expiration date on these things! Good luck to all.
  • Anna
    Last day to get your entries in! :) Had a great response to this contest - thank you all.
  • Leonora S.
    I hope I win this!!!!! Really exciting!!! Never won anything on the internet yet! Oh and props for the website, its really helpful!!
  • Anna G.
    Just found this site....subscribed to email updates...and hope to win the prize!! Thanks for a great site and a great giveaway!!
  • Anna
    I've done the draw... and someone who commented above has won... I'll email the lucky winner now, and I will pop up a new blog post about it when he/she responds :) Is it YOU!?
  • Anna
    Winner announced: :)
  • Jodie
    So just for clicking the email link..your entered into all these draws automatically???? Seems a little to good to be true...
  • Anna
    Not this one Jodie, it's already expired :)

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