Canadian Tire: Keep Your Car Battery Running For Cheap!

10 February 2013

Canadian Tire has a bunch of battery charging and jumpstarting products on sale. If you're going to live in Canada, you need something from this sale!

There are fifteen accessories for your car battery on sale at Canadian Tire right now. These are a few of them:

So I came up with this idea after having to pay $20 and be forty minutes late for work because my car won't start. It happens a lot in the winter and, as of late, it's been happening to me a lot. I think I may need a new battery or maybe my alternator is toast but regardless, I'm going to pick up the MotoMaster charger with 100A start that I mentioned above. I can use this to trickle charge my battery which will, hopefully, give it a bit more life. If it doesn't, well, I'll get a new battery AND a piece of gear that I think every cold blooded Canadian citizen should have!

The product I'm getting can trickle charge, charge or jumpstart a car but has to be plugged in to a wall outlet to do so. There is a cheaper version of this that doesn't have the jumpstart capability. If you're worried about being stuck out in the middle of nowhere and needing a boost, you'll want something like the Stanley Lithium-Ion Jumpstarter. I am debating gettig the jumpstarter but I think I'll end up getting the charger with jumpstarter just because I need the trickle charge it provides.

There are a bunch of other items on sale here but make sure you read up on them and check the reviews. Some of them only have two stars!

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