Canadian Tire Canada: Holiday Shopping Event

15 November 2011

For one night only, 16th November, 2011 from 7-10pm, Canadian Tire stores are holding a Holiday Shopping Event.

There will be $25 gift card for the first 100 customers in line per store and you'll also have a chance to win a $1000 Canadian Tire Gift Card! There will be in store product demos and exclusive offers on national brands.

On my Canadian Tire shopping list this week is a Home Collection Fat Analyzer Bathroom Scale at 70% off. On sale until 17th November, 2011 for $16.99 (reg. $57.49).

I've been wanting a scale that measures in less than 1 pound increments which is what my current scale does. I'm not too sure about knowing my body fat. That's a little scary!

UPDATE: While we phoned Canadian Tire yesteday to confirm this was nationwide, they're now saying it's only in a few select Winnipeg area Canadian Tire stores. Sorry folks!

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  • JP
    How do you see what is on sale? I follow the link to the Canadian Tire site but cannot find any info? Thanks!
  • michelle
    I don't see this advertised anywhere about the 25$ gift card, i searched canadian tire website, and googled it and the only thing that came up was on here
  • Lisa
    I cannot confirm this deal either? How did you find out about this?
  • Danelle
    I have that scale and it is not the best. If you weigh yourself 3 times in a row it will likely be 3 different weights and can be as much as 2 pounds difference. If you want a precise scale this is likely not for you but if you want an around what you weigh scale its a great price.
  • Sharon
    Yes, please tell us where we find info on the deal.
  • Kristen
    Just called my local Canadian Tire (GTA) - they say this is not happening there. Manager knows nothing about it. Can't find anything anywhere else on the internet about this.
  • Brenda R.
    I called my local store and they didn't know anything about this event.
  • Josh P.
    There's also nothing on their Facebook page. You would think there would be some info somewhere other than just here.
  • Anna
    Here's a quick line from Jodie about the source of this deal: It was spotted in the flyer and I called cdn tire hotline to confirm it was across Canada.
  • Jodie
    So it looks like this is a local deal in my area only, although I did call to confirm it yesterday that it was Canada wide. Today when I called back, I got a different answer :(
  • Christy
    Out of curiousity what is your local area?
  • Anna

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