Bloomex Gardens Glitch?? $5 Coupon & Free Shipping: Choose Something Practically For Free!? *HOT*


We were recently introduced to Bloomex Gardens, an online Canadian store from the Bloomex flower company. Bloomex Gardens specialises in seeds, bulbs, veggies and perennials, everything for the aspiring gardener. We’ve also discovered a coupon code which appears to give you a $5 discount on any order, with no minimum spend. PLUS Bloomex Gardens also have free shipping with no minimum spend required – this means you can order something up to the value of $5 – almost for FREE – you just have to push the order over the $5 mark in order to get this deal working.

Click here to use the Bloomex Gardens coupon code online now

  • Coupon code: Bloom5
  • Discount: $5 off, no minimum spend
  • Expires: Unknown

We’re not sure if this is a glitch in the matrix… usually you would only get a $5 discount on orders of $5 or more, forcing you to actually spend some money. The $5 discount appears to apply to both the price of the item and the tax too… so take this into account. As far as I can see, the final total on your shopping cart has to be above ZERO after taxes are taken into account, in order to be able to complete the order with a credit card. This means you can order most of the items on the Bloomex Gardens site, for mere cents.

My Order

So I placed a test order for some of these Dahlias which were $4.49, added the coupon code and completed the checkout process. I was seeing a final price of $0.16 including taxes and free shipping. This was for an order being shipped to QC, so the final price you see will be affected by what province you are shipping to and the taxes therein.


Multiple Uses

I only placed one order, but I didn’t see any sort of restriction in being able to place multiple orders with the same account, each using the same coupon code. Don’t abuse the offer though. If you place 100 orders, they’ll probably all be cancelled!

Use It Quick

If you are interested in bagging some nearly free seeds or bulbs, then use this coupon code as soon as you can, before Bloomex Gardens changes their mind about giving out these almost free items to their customers!

Please Comment

Let us know in the comments below if you manage to place your order and get your super-cheap garden supplies using this Bloomex Gardens coupon code.


  • Moe
    Worked for me!
  • jenn
    Couldn't get the privacy or terms and conditions to show. I love a good deal, but I won't shop if I don't know what the company's rules are.
    • Anna W.
      Do you see broken links? I think all they have is this page:
      • Jenn
        When you go to check out there is supposed to be a link to privacy policy and and terms and conditions, both links just lead you back to the homepage.
  • Allison
    Was able to place two separate orders.
  • b.p.
    Looks like I'm too late: "This coupon code is not exist. Please try again!"
    • Anna W.
      Deal is over! Sorry!
  • Anieta
    I think might have been a scam. I never received my seeds in the mail- cannot sign in and now see loads of scam warnings about Bloomex who launched the garden site:
    • Anna W.
      Did you try contacting them?

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