How To Create Gory Halloween Facial Prosthetics on the Cheap!

I stumbled across this site, and I thought it might be useful if some of you are going to be making some weird and wacky costumes for Halloween. Over at, they’ve written a guide on how to create realistic looking facial prosthesis, scars, gore, burns, wounds, etc. If you're on a bit of a budget, and can't afford all those cool masks and wounds from the stores, keep this in mind

It involves liberal use of liquid latex and paper towels!! I guess it would be good if you’re trying to get dressed up as a zombie or the living dead MWWHHHaaaaha haaaaaaaaaa.

Eskimojo shows us how to do it in 7 steps. I had a read through, it doesn’t look too bad. But I think I would practise it once or twice beforehand before the final outing on Halloween. If any of you use this method, it would be great to hear about your results!


  • Eskimojo
    Sweet, thanks for the plug. A note, the paper towels work, but the toilet paper can yield a smoother look, as well as be very mindful of any patterns or colors that might show through latex. If you're on the cheap and can't find any liquid latex for a reasonable price, where I'm at right now really, than you CAN substitute the latex with simple Elmer's glue! I haven't used it, though I think I might try, and I think you'll get a more stiff result. This method is great because it looks complex however it is really very simple, I've only been doing it for a month and I've got a lot of ooohs and aaaahs and ewwwwws from audience and haunters alike!
  • Anna
    Hi Eskimojo, thanks for your comment!! I loved your write up on how to do this, so you deserve the plug :)

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