5 Affordable Non-Candy Halloween Treat Options!


My favourite candy has to be the Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups, but we can't give those out for Halloween. Nowadays kids have so many allergies and sensitivities to different foods like peanuts, lactose, gluten and more. It really makes it hard to find a treat that you can give out on Halloween that won't cause issues for anyone. Have you considered the non-candy Halloween treat alternatives? It really is a win-win situation. You are not feeding anyone's kids anything unhealthy or anything they are sensitive too. You could also be providing something educational or something that can be used longer term than candy ever could have. Sounds like a good Halloween treat to me! So let's check out the Halloween treat ideas that don't involve food yet won't break your bank.


Plastic Beaded Jewelry

You can head into your local Dollar Store or Craft store and pick up some frugalicious beading tools like beads, wire and clasps for pretty cheap. Make the bracelets Halloween theme - the kids will love them. I bet your kids will even love helping you make the jewelry you will be giving away this Halloween. There are quite a few tutorials on how to bead bracelets on YouTube if you need a hand, but I am sure you can get the basics down pat pretty easily. These might also make great Christmas gifts for Grandma.


Temporary Kid Tattoos

Those temporary kids tattoos are great. You use water to apply them, and water to wash them off. Can kids get sensitivities to that?! They will also keep for a long time so if the parents don't want the kids to have all their treats at once, this one can hold off until the kids are wearing T shirts again. These can also be picked up for quite a low cost at the dollar store. You will probably get a pack of 20-50 for a couple bucks and you can cut them into individual tattoos to give away to the kiddos that knock on your door.


DIY Slime

We have previously posted a great way to make slime for very little amount of money. So why not throw a small portion of this in an old (clean) baby food jar or something and give it away instead of candy when kids come-a-knocking on October 31st? I would advise that you use a plastic baby food container or some sort of small plastic container. Glass could easily break and we wouldn't want to unintentionally hurt anyone this Halloween.


School Supplies

I was in Walmart earlier today and they had all sorts of different Halloween theme school supplies available. You can purchase pens, pencils, erasers and so much more. They were not all that expensive either. I mean, realistically I probably have about 20 kids come to my door on Halloween and there was a 12 pack of erasers for $2.99, so it would be safe to buy 3 packs of erasers and have one fore very trick or treaters. They actually cost less than handing out candy or chocolate bars that way. The Dollar Store may have a wider variety of erasers available. When I was younger, teachers always had cool erasers for special occasions like this. Although they sometimes didn't work the greatest, I loved the pencil toppers for sure! I think I would honestly still use a pencil topper if it were cute enough - like a cute Jack-O-Lantern pencil topper or something like that.


Mini Play-Doh

You can snag Mini Play-Doh from Walmart or your closest Dollar Store. I was able to spot it at Dollarama in a pack that came with 4 different colours for just $1.25. I bought 5 packs so that I have plenty of Play-Doh to hand out to the kiddos that are old enough to enjoy it. Whatever isn't given away, my kiddo can get as a reward for potty training. The packs are really small, but totally awesome to give out for Halloween. For younger kids, you may want to ask the parents if it is okay to give this out. Last Halloween my kid probably would have tried to eat Play-Doh, and we are going for treats that aren't edible... right?

Moosers, what do you hand out for Halloween?

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