You Need to Know These Costco Secret Shopping Tips

You Need to Know These Costco Secret Shopping Tips

Do you make that weekly or monthly pilgrimage to Costco Canada, to save money on groceries, clothing, prescriptions, homeware and automotive? Then, you need to be aware of Costco's secret shopping tips, that will SAVE you extra money on your next visit.

I personally did not know any of these tips, so if I can save just one person a little bit extra, then my job is done here!

Simply, follow my cheat sheet for the Top 10 Secret Shopping Tips to help your budget go a little further each month. Buckle up, let's go shopping!

Shop with a Costco Cash Card

There are advantages to having a Costco membership, but if you don't shop often, then you may actually save money by not investing in the membership. In this case, you will need to have a friend who is a member purchase Costco cash cards for you. Then, you can access the store and shop freely, but of course you will need to pay for your purchases with the cash cards.

Know the Costco Pricing Strategy

  • $0.99 - Regular price.
  • $0.97 - Marked down from regular price.
  • $0.79, $0.49, $0.89 - Specially priced items with manufacturers discount.
  • * - An asterisk in the right-hand corner of the price sign means that the item is discontinued and won't be restocked, so it's your last chance to buy.
  • $0.88, $0.00 - Manager markdowns, priced to sell fast.

Costco's Capital One Platinum MasterCard

If you are looking for a new credit card and you shop at Costco often, then the Capital One Platinum MasterCard may be to your advantage. The card has a no annual fee and the interest on purchases is 19.75% annually, which is similar to other credit cards. Of course, if you pay the card off monthly then you will save the interest fee. It also pays you cash back on purchases: 3% at restaurants, 2% on gas and up to 1% on all other purchases. You also receive extra platinum benefits like purchase assurance, extended warranty, car rental collision/loss damage waiver & baggage delay insurance and travel accident insurance. But, also check out the MBNA Rewards World Elite Mastercard that maximizes your cash back when shopping at Costco, as it offers a flat 2% cash back.

Use Shopping Rebate Apps to Save More

Costco does not accept manufacturer's coupons at the check-out tills, but if you download a shopping app, such as Checkout 51 or Ibotta, then you can take advantage of extra savings on the things you buy everyday. These apps pay you money when you buy specific food and products, so see what's on offer through the app and then on your next Costco visit just pop them in your shopping cart. After you get home, you only need to upload a photo of your Costco receipt and process it through the app, to claim their extra savings.

Buy the Executive Membership

Costco's Executive Membership might be the perfect choice, if you shop for a large family or an extended family. Why? Because, it gives you 2% back up to a maximum of $1,000 per year on most of your on your Costco purchases. The executive membership costs $120, but if you spend $6,000 in a year, then you save the price of the membership. Also, Costco Travel purchases are now included in the annual 2% Executive Reward, so if you are planning a vacation, then you can rack up your points fast.

Earn Aeroplan Miles

I was extremely happy to learn that I can now earn Aeroplan miles when I shop online at, although not at the Costco Warehouse (boo!). But, it is still great way to earn some extra air miles! To sign up for this offer, follow the link above to register your Costco membership number, your Aeroplan membership number and your email address and get ready to earn one Aeroplan mile for every $1 spent.

Use the Amazon App to Compare Toy Prices

Costco toy prices are often cheaper than Amazon and if you follow this ingenious little secret, you will always pay the lowest price on toys. All you have to do is download the Amazon app onto your phone! Then, when shopping in store at Costco, simply scan the toy's barcode with the Amazon app, for an easy price comparison.

Costco Vehicle Program

The Costco Vehicle Program features savings on selected name-brand vehicles and products. At the moment they are featuring low prices on Yamaha motorcycles, sport boats, all terrain vehicles and outboards.

Buy Gift Cards

Costco offers a selection of gift cards for events, City Passes, skiing vacations, spa days, museum visits, all at discounted prices. These make ideal gifts or special treats for you and your family.

Check the Hot Buys

Hooray, the Hot Buys section on is a great page to land on. You can find extra savings on selected items, ranging from furniture, jacuzzis, laptops, jewelry, baby strollers, treadmills, kids toys to personal items. You never know what you will find, so check it weekly for the latest deals.

Happy shopping and if you find any further secrets, then absolutely let us know, so we can update our guide.


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  • kritafo

    there is already a Costcowest fan blog or is this a new one?

    • CuteSavings

      Hi kritafo!

      We are not a Costco fan blog - we post al sorts of deals and tips. This is just one of the many advantages for Costco shoppers, and we had to share it!

    • Hazlitt1

      how do I find out about the unadvertised Costco deals?

      • Joe71

        The asterisk doesn't always mean it clearance.  It's pending delete.  It still may be available at another location.  Sometimes the sales suck at one store but thrive at another.  Make sure you check it that it is at another store and check the price.  Some stores will actually have a cheaper price if they are one of the stores deleting that item... And yes,  I work for costco 

        • Linda W.

          It the price ends with a 7 it is on sale

          • Ren

            Thank you all for your tips... Always helps a newcomer like me to understand how this all works ... Bgmoose team doing an awsome job..

            • CuteSavings

              Thanks for your lovely comment!! We love to help, that's for sure. :)

            • lilpeej

              So I will be allowed into the store with cash cards only and no membership card?

              • Melissa M.

                Did not know about the Cash card thing!

                • Sharmonlondon

                  Hi lilpeej, Yes, you should be able to show the cash card at the entrance and go on in. Happy shopping!