Would you drink wine from a can?

Would you drink wine from a can?

I’m hardly a wine snob. I’ll pretty much drink any kind of wine and think it’s good. I can’t differentiate between a chardonnay and sauvignon blanc (it’s all white wine, right?) or a merlot and a malbec (both reds).

But I did hesitate when I saw cans of wine near the check-out at the liquor store. They were all thin, tall cans, kind of like a Perrier. There were two kinds of rosés and a bubbly white wine. Each can contained two servings of wine and they were under the $4 mark.

“What the heck,” I thought to myself as I added three cans to my purchase.

I brought them with in my overnight bag when my mom and I spent a night at Ste. Anne’s Spa. It was a little embarrassing carrying two cans of wine to dinner. Even our waiter stared as we cracked open our cans of wine to enjoy with dinner.

“Won’t it taste tinny?” my mom asked.

“Let’s find out,” I said. “Cheers!”

We clinked cans and each took a sip.

It was delicious! “It’s good!” we told our fellow diners. They all seemed curious.

The next time I was at the liquor store, I bought a few more cans. It will be great for picnics or BBQs. I still feel a little self-conscious with a can of wine, and I wouldn’t buy it as a hostess gift, but it was definitely and unexpectedly good. At least for someone who knows nothing about wine.

Have you tried the new wine in a can?


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  • Joe71

    I would drink it in a house, I would drink it with a mouse, I would drink it with a fox, I would drink it out of a box... 

    Basically.. I'll drink it anywhere & anytime!

    • Jessica L.

      Is bad if I say I already have?!! Lmao :raising_hand_tone1:

      • Jessica L.

        it's like 9% alcohol so I mixed it with club soda and lime lol

        • Tara W.

          I would drink wine from anything LOL

          • Michele H.

            And I thought the switch to screw tops was sacrilege! Oh dear, don't think I can get on this bandwagon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

            • Minnie C.

              we need to try this :smile::smile:

              • Dawn G.

                Should I bring some tomorrow?? :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::joy::joy: