Why Labour Day is the new New Years

Why Labour Day is the new New Years

Labour Day is the new New Years.

Why? It seems to be the time of year we all make resolutions for the new school year ahead. I've heard moms talk about wanting to make healthy dinners each night; of cooking several meals on Sundays; of following a grocery list so they have everything on hand for the week ahead. There are school-night recipe apps, cookbooks for weeknight meals, tons of tips online for how to make your household run smoothly during the school year.

And that’s just to address hectic dinnertime routine. I’ve also made resolutions on various years to make fewer playdates for after school. My house gets too chaotic and there’s no time for homework and calm. Other years, I’ve vowed to make more play dates. This keeps the kids busy, whereas fewer play dates leaves more time for them to bicker at home. I’ve scheduled fewer activities, then decided more activities are better for the same reasons.

No matter what resolutions I make, the school year is a busy time and it seems we all do what we can to get by. By October, the lunches we pack our kids are a little less creative than they were in September. We're serving leftovers for dinner or making eggs and toast for dinner. Our houses are filled with kids and our schedules are packed with activities.

Our resolutions get thrown out the window, but it doesn’t stop us from making them and from starting the year with good intentions.

What are your back-to-school resolutions? Do you have any that have been successful during the year? Do share!


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