We sponsored a child

We sponsored a child

The other day my friend invited us to help out at her lemonade stand. She and her boys were raising money for a good cause: an Armenian boy they sponsor through World Vision.

Her boys write back and forth to their sponsor. They purchase extra items, like books and soccer balls, to supplement their monthly contribution. They have developed a connection and a bond and they enjoy raising money to help their friend who is a world away.

I was beyond impressed, so I borrowed a page from her book.

“Boys, let’s sponsor a child, too,” I told my kids, opening my laptop. I began searching through the World Vision website. You can select a child by age, birth date, interest and country. Donations help provide food, medicine and supplies for children living in poverty.

“Let’s pick someone from Mexico because I feel bad they’re building a wall,” my eight-year-old said. My jaw dropped. I didn’t realize he had internalized the news to such an extent. It made me really proud.

I searched through the children in Mexico, but thought we should expand our search to other countries as well. There are so many kids in need. We were able to watch videos, read bios and see photos of each one.

That’s when we came across a young boy from Peru. He had a big personality and his video made us laugh. When I read his bio, I realized he is like us: he lives with his mother and brother; I’m a single mom with two boys as well. His birthday also happens to be the same as my fiance’s. In more ways than one, our Peruvian child seemed like a perfect match.

“Let’s sponsor him!” I suggested. My kids eagerly agreed.

As we wait for information about our child, we are busy discussing fundraising ideas of our own. We are very excited to make a contribution to the world.


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