A Handy Guide to the Wayfair Canada MyWay Program

A Handy Guide to the Wayfair Canada MyWay Program

Whether you're renovating an entire house or just sprucing up one room, there's no way around it: redecorating is expensive. New furniture, area rugs, fixtures and décor add up fast, and those bills are no joke.

But if a little home improvement is in your future, don't let me scare you off. Wayfair actually came up with a way to help offset some of these fees, and it's called MyWay.

Basically, MyWay is the new Wayfair Canada loyalty program, that can help make shopping for your home easier and more affordable.

It's a subscription-based service that's similar to Amazon Prime. You pay an annual membership fee to receive perks like free shipping, discounts on in-home services and other benefits. So is a MyWay membership right for you? We did a little digging to help you find out.

What are the MyWay program benefits?

To sum the program up in a few words, the MyWay program can help you save money on buying and setting up furniture (among other things). Every membership includes three main perks:

1. Almost EVERYTHING ships FREE

That's right. With a MyWay membership, you don't need to reach Wayfair's usual $75 minimum spend to qualify for free home delivery. Instead, just about anything will ship to your door at no extra charge. The only exclusions are deliveries to remote areas, as well as commercial items, large fixtures and select non-standard or customized items.

2. Home services for 25% OFF

Can't or don't want to do the heavy lifting? With a MyWay membership, you pay to have somebody else do that work for you. Members save 25% on assembly fees and upgraded delivery services, which mean you can cash in on savings of up to $40 per major delivery.

3. Exclusive perks

As a MyWay member, you also have access to exclusive content and insider sales to help you out with ideas for whatever your next project might be. Loyalty members can even receive curated item lists based specifically on their style, budget and more – among other surprises.

How much does a MyWay subscription cost?

A MyWay subscription costs $34.99 CAD each year. To sign up for a membership, just hit the "Join Now" button on the MyWay landing page and enter some personal information to get started.

Once you purchase a subscription, you're immediately eligible for all the perks mentioned above, so it's a good idea to sign up before you make your next purchase. Unless you opt out of the program, your MyWay membership will auto-renew every year, so make sure you know exactly when your MyWay Anniversary is, so you can opt out or know a credit card charge is coming.

Is a MyWay membership worth it?

Really this answer is up to you, your lifestyle and your individual needs. However, you know we had to throw out two cents in here. If you're someone who plans to buy a lot of furniture or redecorate at least one full room within the next year, I'd say that yes, a subscription is worth it. That $34.99 annual fee will help you save on delivery fees for whatever you end up buying. If you don't plan to do the same home renos the following year, just remember to cancel your membership!

Also, if you typically only purchase smaller items from Wayfair (like individual cushions, mugs, throw pillows or cutlery sets), a MyWay membership can help you save on all those shipping costs.

Plus, if you need a little extra help with moving pieces into specific rooms or up the stairs – or assistance building furniture and installing fixtures, the membership helps cover those costs.

If you live in a smaller town or a remote area of Canada, though, this might not be the loyalty program for you. One of the major perks of MyWay is that members receive free shipping with no minimum spend. But since that only really applies to urban centres and southern Canada, I wouldn't suggest shelling out $34.99 each year just for the remaining perks.


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