Tips for Good Guests

Tips for Good Guests

So you are invited over for a Christmas party... and you want to make a good impression. Here are some tips to being a guest they will invite back for Christmases to come!

  • Offer to bring something

After or when RSVP-ing for a party, ask the host/hostess if they would like you to bring anything. This is a nice courtesy that can won you some major brownie points, even if the offer is no.

  • Bring the Host/Hostess a gift

Holiday candle, bottle of decent wine, or flowers... gifts are highly appreciated. Try to make it something usable, but generic enough that anyone would like it. On the off chance they don't like it, they can most likely re-gift with ease.

  • Take off your shoes

A simple formality some people forget. Your shoes are dirty. Don't go traipsing on their white carpet to deliver those pretty flowers without removing your muddy boots. Feel free to bring a pair of slippers!

  • Offer to help

If your host/hostess is preparing the meal, offer to help both before and after the meal. Before you can help with any last minute preparations  and after you can help with dishes if necessary. Many hosts will refuse, but it is the offer that counts.

  • Everything in moderation

Having fun is great, but don't get so smashed you don't remember how you got home. That is a quick way to never being invited again.

  • Make a mess, clean it up

If you just spilled red wine on their lovely white carpet... you better be heading for the paper towel and cleaning solution ASAP. If it doesn't take the stain out, man up and offer to pay for a proper steam cleaning to remove the stain. Any other damage you do, always take care of it.

  • Leave/arrive on time
Try to arrive on time, or no more than 5 minutes late. Too early and your hosts may not be prepared, too late and you have missed some of the festivities. It is equally important to leave on time. Don't be the last person to leave a party. Be able to take hints for when the hosts would like a clear place, and don't overstay your welcome.

Last but not least.. have fun! There is nothing like a guest who can let loose and have a jolly time. Don't take your marital disputes, your work burdens, or your other issues to the party and unload on people. not cool. Relax, enjoy, have fun!


So what does this have to do with saving money? Frankly... not much, it has a lot more to do with saving friends and making new friends.

However, on the off chance this is your boss's Christmas party, you can score major brownie points by following these tips. That could always result in a well earned raise!


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