A Quick Guide to the New Tims Rewards Program

A Quick Guide to the New Tims Rewards Program

You may have seen billboards popping up around town announcing the thing Canadians have been waiting for: a Tim Hortons loyalty program. Well, one is finally here!

The new Tims Rewards program launched toward the end of March, and it's here to stay.

So before you order your next double-double, check this out. We explain how this whole thing works to help you answer that all-important question: is Tim Rewards worth it?

To start, the program is actually pretty simple. Members can receive a FREE coffee, tea or baked good after seven purchases that are made at least 30 minutes apart. They'll give you a free rewards card, or you can track purchases through an app.

How do you sign up for Tims Rewards?

This part is pretty straightforward. To sign up, head to the Tims Rewards part of their website, hit the signup button and enter your email address and country. Then, log in to receive your virtual Tims Rewards card. You can also sign up in-store and receive a physical card at the till, if you prefer. Once you have a physical card, you can register it online, just in case it ever gets lost.

How does the Tims Rewards program work?

Once you have either a digital or physical card, scan it before each purchase you make at Tim Hortons. After seven purchases, you qualify for a reward! On your next trip to Tims, you can collect your FREE coffee, tea or baked good. It doesn't apply to Timbits or bagels, but you can score just about any size hot beverage. It's important to remember that Tims Rewards only looks at how many purchases you make – not how much you spend. So it's definitely worthwhile if you only buy a coffee every morning, but you're not getting much bang for your buck with big orders.


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