Best ways to remove deodorant stains

Best ways to remove deodorant stains

I was about to leave the house for a nice dinner when I discovered something that stopped me in my tracks: deodorant stains on my black dress.

There are few things I find more embarrassing than walking around with white chalky smudge marks all down my clothes. It’s bad enough when your “invisible” deodorant scuffs up the armpit of your clothes—it’s worse when you have those same white marks down the sides, back and front of your clothes.

“How does this even happen?” I wonder angrily.

I buy invisible gel. I wait a few minutes until it dries before putting on my clothes. Should I get dress first, then slather myself with deodorant?

No matter; there are ways to get deodorant stains off black clothes.

You can try to rub the stain off with the inside of another part of your dress. Use circular and up-and-down movements to try buff the stain out.

I always carry a nylon knee-high stocking with me when I travel. I also keep some in my drawer for just this occasion. It will often magically erase the stains if you scrub hard enough and get lucky enough. Apparently you can also use dryer sheets, but I haven’t tried this yet and can’t vouch for it.

I’ve read that you can use a baby wipe or makeup wipe to get the stain off, but this hasn’t worked for me. I used a makeup wipe once and ended up getting tiny white cloth fibres all over my dress. It only made the issue worse.

Another thing that does work if you have the time is soap and water. Using a damp and soapy cloth or towel, rub the stain until it disappears. If you end up with soap on your clothes, use a clean part of the cloth, run it under water and rub the soap away with that.

When all else fails, I put on something else. It’s such a bummer. Are there any tricks of the trade you’ve used? Can you recommend a deodorant that won’t leave a trace?


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