The latest invention since Netflix? Cycflix!

The latest invention since Netflix? Cycflix!

If you’ve got a Netflix addiction and an exercise aversion, one inventor may have figured out the perfect solution.

Ronan Byrne has created the Cycflix, an exercise bike connected to Netflix. You program your workout, set your goals and pick your show. The more you pedal and meet your goal, the more you can watch. If you slow down or stop altogether, so does your show.

This invention is great for people who are time-crunched and don’t have enough hours in the day to watch their favourite shows and exercise. It’s also great for people who need some incentive to workout. As an added bonus, you can do it all on a stationary bike in your living room—no gym membership required. (Just a subscription to Netflix!)

While people have been clamouring for this device ever since Byrne’s concept went viral, you technically can’t use it yet. It’s not available for purchase or for use in gyms. At this point, it’s just a project Byrne tackled to improve his computer coding skills.

If you’re good at coding, you can try to replicate the Cycflix at home using the instruction video Byrne posted on his Instructables blog (

Until investors step forward to make the Cycflix available to the public, we’ll all just have to workout the old fashioned way . . . or not at all!

Do you think this is a great invention? Would you buy the Cycflix?


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