The first day of camp is never a breeze

The first day of camp is never a breeze

I remember when my kids were little. The first day of camp was always tough. One year they ran off in separate directions screaming, “I’m not going to camp.”

My neighbours and I had to wrangle them like cattle and get them on the bus. I couldn’t breathe until the bus doors slid shut and the bus drove off down the street.

This year was markedly better, but it seems they tried the same comedy routine as last year. First they sat down in front of the bus sign so the bus might have a greater chance of driving past our house. When the bus pulled up at the end of our driveway, they refused to move. When I finally goaded them toward the bus, they switched name tags, so that Ari was Josh and Josh was Ari. They giggled and, at long last, they got on the bus.

I know the first day of anything new is scary. I can completely relate even as an adult. I freak out before starting a new job, a new degree . . . anything, really. I even get nervous before their first day of school and their first day of camp.

My boys shed a few tears the night before camp started. They had trouble sleeping. I left to action. I stroked their hair. I hugged them. We rubbed noses. I love being able to reassure them; to make them feel safe and confident. The best part is being able to make them laugh. Then off they went to bed.

How did your kids’ first day of camp go? Did they rush onto the bus or rush off in separate directions? I hope their first experience was a good one!


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  • Cheyenne H.

    My daughter is at her first day camp she is 2 and she's loving it it's more nerve racking for the parents then for the kids