Talk Like a Pirate Day! Fun & Frugal Pirating Fun!

Talk Like a Pirate Day! Fun & Frugal Pirating Fun!


AAAARrrrrrrrr! Did you know that today is international “talk like a pirate day!” Well, if you didn’t, now you do. And I insist that you talk like a pirate, ALL DAY.

If you have young kids, this is a good opportunity to do some fun themed activities. Here are a few fun and frugal suggestions for you to pass the time today:

  1. Dress up like a pirate – this is pretty self-explanatory! While we’ve got pirate dressing up costumes in our dressing up box, you don’t have to have the pre-made outfits to have some fun. Use scarves as headscarves, maybe wear some stripy clothes… and use some eyeliner and dark eyes to get that Johnny Depp look. Throw on some costume jewellery too, for some added fun.
  2. Eat like a pirate – instead of just sandwiches for lunch, be a little more creative. One of the handiest places for ideas on this is on Pinterest. I really like these sword kabobs.
  3. Have a treasure hunt – it’s pretty easy to draw up a map of your home and surrounding areas, and hide some clues and a final prize. You could also throw a scavenger hunt into the bargain – make a list of things the kids have to find on their travels, such as a pretty stone, a feather, a gold coin, etc. Here’s a how-to if you want to make your map more authentic looking.
  4. Watch a pirate movie – if you have Netflix (which many of us do), then watch some pirate-themed movies this evening! There are a few of the Pirates of the Caribbeans on there, as well as the 2003 movie of Peter Pan – that would be a good one for the young kids.
  5. Do some pirate colouring – have a search for some pirate themed pages to print out and colour. There are tons, you just have to google for them. I’m currently printing out this treasure map which my daughter just commented on, “I love that treasure map one!” SO we have to print it now!

And to finish off this blog post, I’ll leave you with a quote from my five year old daughter. She says:

“We’ve been hornswaggled!”

(TLAP Day expires today – activities expire: never!)


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