What to Do If Your PC Optimum Points Were Stolen

What to Do If Your PC Optimum Points Were Stolen

Are your PC Optimum points missing? If so, you're not the only one. Thieves have been hacking into PC Optimum accounts and stealing points from cardholders across the country.

CBC News reports that at least eight people across Canada have each had more than 100,000 points ($100 worth of product rewards) stolen from their accounts after the PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum rewards programs merged to form PC Optimum on Feb. 1.

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Many of those stolen points were redeemed at Loblaws-owned stores in Quebec, including Pharmaprix drug stores. Over the last month, most of those eight people have had their points restored, but the breach is still nerve-wracking.

If you are missing points or notice otherwise suspicious activity on your account, you can reach out to Loblaw through a contact form on the PC Optimum website (choose "missing points" as the reason for your inquiry) or call 1-866-727-6468.

A hacker would need access to your name, address, phone number and points balance. So what can you do to protect your points?

How to protect your PC Optimum account

Change your passwords. Change the passwords for both your PC Optimum account and the email associated with it. Ideally, you should use two separate passwords that are both strong and not something a hacker might be able to easily guess. Use a browser extension like LastPass or Keeper Password Manager to keep track of your login details instead of writing them down.

Use a designated email address for loyalty programs. If you don't already, it's a good idea to create an email account and corresponding password just for loyalty programs and website signups.

Check your transaction and account history. Pay attention to what's going on with your account. The PC Optimum app lets you track all transactions that have happened on your account in the past 45 days, so try to check in every once in a while and make sure you can recognize all the account activity.

Only open emails and attachments from addresses you recognize. If you receive an email or attachment from an address you don't know, don't open it. Thieves can try to steal your rewards points by sending phishing emails that ask you to download an attachment containing a virus or update your information through a fake website. Not sure if an email is the real deal? You can always try to contact PC Optimum and ask if it's legit.

Keep your physical PC Optimum card with you. This might seem pretty basic, but it's a good practice to make sure you know where your card is at all times. Don't loan it out to people and keep it somewhere safe in your wallet or purse.

Were your PC Optimum points stolen? Do you have any tips for preventing point theft? Let us know in the comments.


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  • dilbert1977


    Just went on the site and there were 4 different account linked to mine, all different numbers. One was my Key Fob, one was one I didn;t know and another was linked to my andriod tablet? Thankfully my points are still there.

    • Kaylie T.

      Someone stole 60000 points from my account on Christmas eve. It's too easy to steal, especially, if you dropped your card anyone can take it to any teller or self serve machine to redeem them. PC will not reimburse you so you are SOL

      • Keri L.

        They replaced my points. No arguments at all

        • Kaylie T.

          Really . They said nothing they can do for me

        • Poffrey

          I just checked mine and they are still there. I just switched them to earn only. Thanks for the heads up!!

          • Pauline L.

            I caught cashier if u didn't have ur card with u. She would scan her own. I said no take ur card off their. They are my points. Because alot don't know u can call them saying u forgot ur card here's my receipt number and they will give u credits. But they can't if they card been scanned. I made her void my whole order. And made manager stand there so she couldn't do it again.

            • Lindsay P.

              That was enough to get you fired when I worked for Shopper's Drug Mart! Yeesh. I'm surprised they didn't get in trouble from the manager!

              • Pauline L.

                Lol I swear Loblaws doesn't fire anyone

                • Kathyj80

                  hahah I bet she got fired for that that's theft !

                • Doreen T.

                  I just use the app this way I don't lose it and I always have it to scan..That's pretty crappy that people are doing that though.

                  • Julia H.

                    My sister in law had points stolen from her. It was in Quebec and she's in Ontario.

                    • Keri L.

                      Same with me.

                    • Paula L.

                      My account was frozen. They sent me an email telling me about points being stolen. There was some sort of app attached that would take your points.

                      • Keri L.

                        Mine were taken. 90,000. Loblaws did replace them. When I called in the woman I talked to said I was not the first person she had talked to that day with the issue. I was told on Dec 17th the points were removed by someone in Quebec that managed to add a second device to my account. I have the app on my phone. I was told they someone how had my email and password?? I was told to change my password and security question. They removed the other device from my account.

                        • Yuet C.

                          The app will prone to more chances getting hacked into. The card is better unless you lose it

                          • Kathyj80

                            yeah but you need the app to update your offers weekly . Me and my hubby had 270 000 points stolen from us last night ☹️☹️☹️

                          • Shayda

                            We had this happen to us, unfortunately, in December, we had $150 worth of points stolen.  We learned our lesson the hard way, if your card goes missing, immediately change your settings. Or better yet, do what was suggested and have your settings for  your card changed to "Earn Only" and keep it at that until your ready to redeem

                            • Jaime B.

                              my friend had 30$ removed from her card from a local store that she never goes to . care said that it was a glitch ya right. she got her points back .

                              • Krista S.

                                I have the settings on "earn only" then change it on my phone about 5 minutes before I redeem them.

                                • Kathyj80

                                  me and my husband had $270 worth of points stolen last night unnoticed it today

                                  • BurgH

                                    Just checked mine. I hoard mine as well, which were all stolen January 27th. 400,000 $400!!!! I live in Ontario and they were redeemed at Robs NF Airdrie Alberta. I checked and a card under the nickname "You just got served by COT" had been added. I sent a message to customer service. I feel sick. This money was for my Dads 75th birthday next month. I hope this gets made right. 

                                    • ddurdle

                                      Those thinking the app is more secure then carrying the card, think again.  One of the methods they are using to steal the points is guessing the barcode.  All you need to redeem is a barcode, and you can load this on any phone.  Everytime you replace your phone or a second phone, you create yet another barcode to your account.  I checked my account and I had 7 different barcodes associated with new phone installs and reset of existing phones.  I always set my phone and physical card to "earn only" to avoid someone "cloning" my barcode, and emptying my account.  I have only my PC MC associated with redeem (which you can't change anyways).  When I only want to earn, I'll use my phone or physical card.  Will use my CC when I want to redeem.

                                      • Lori T.

                                        Mine weren’t stolen, I’ve been trying for over a month to get them transferred to my PC Optimum account. Promises, promises!!! #Ridiculous

                                        • Janet W.

                                          I am waiting for $400 worth of stolen points to be reimbursed. waiting since February!!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry:

                                        • Gerthworm

                                          I redeem my points soon as I hit the minimum amount. At most they'll steal $10 from me, and only with brilliant timing

                                          • Janet W.

                                            thx. I've been good for a while now, but no reimbursement yet :angry: