​Squishy toys are the new fidget spinners

​Squishy toys are the new fidget spinners

I was in a toy store the other day and came across the latest greatest fad: scented squishy toys.

Now that the fidget toy trend is nearly passé, these adorable, rising squishy toys, called Kawaii Squishies, are the next best thing. (Kawaii means cute in Japanese where the product originates.)

Billed as stress relief products (just like fidget spinners), they smell like the objects they represent—strawberries, bread and donuts to name but a few.

The medium sized toys retail for approximately $10 and the large ones are about $20 each. There are even smaller ones you can hang on a backpack.

You can find them at toy stores and online at sites like Amazon.

It seems like a lot to pay for another toy trend, but kids are going crazy for them. There are even videos on YouTube dedicated to them, many of which have millions of views.

I have yet to give in to the fad but I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before my kids are begging for one.

Do your kids have a scented squishy toy already? What is your favourite one?


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