Save Even More Money With These Convenient Flyer Apps

Save Even More Money With These Convenient Flyer Apps


Do you remember the days when you only found out about upcoming deals at the stores you loved to shop at by actually visiting the store the night before these sales were active? You would typically have to do this to pick up one of their new flyers, where the latest deals would be highlighted in print. I know I would look forward to every Thursday evening, when the local newspaper would arrive at my door. Of course, I wouldn't be excited about reading the news (well... I did like flipping over to the classifieds section so I could find out about upcoming garage sales). I loved Thursday nights so I could review all of the flyers - especially when it was almost Christmas time!

Before we relied on the internet to learn about the latest and greatest deals that are out there, we all flipped through store flyers, seeing if there were any actual great deals available at a myriad of different stores, whether they were locations where we would buy our groceries, hardware stores, toy stores, or stores that would sell a wide variety of electronics. Many of these retail chains that I used to receive flyers for have come and gone, such as Zellers and Compucentre, but it really was a fun way to find out about the newest weekly deals that these stores were providing their customers with.

Don't get me wrong - flyers still exist to this day, and if I'm going into a store like Best Buy or Future Shop, I will sometimes pick up one of their flyers near the front entrance doors to take a peak at some of the deals that they have available. However, I think it's safe to say that many people rely on websites such as Bargainmoose to discover all of the latest deals and coupons that are available, especially since coupon codes are so popular (and some of those sales are only valid for a few hours).

Also, many of these retail locations release their flyers online, so you could check out their latest sales without having to wait for your newspaper to arrive. At this time, I'm going to introduce you all to a few apps that can help you check out the latest flyers for a myriad of different stores in your area. You can download these apps for free on your cell phone (whether it's an iPhone or an Android) or your tablet device, and they certainly make the flyer-browsing experience even more convenient. Check out these apps below:

Flipp: Now this is one handy app! With Flipp, you can easily clip items (it will go straight to your shopping list), and highlight any top deals that you see. Best of all, you can search for specific stores or products with this app, so you could swiftly navigate through the best deals of the week. When you press and hold your finger on a specific item that you're looking at, you can also learn more info about it to help you make a wise decision on your potential purchase. You can download this flyer app for free when you navigate to the Apple Store (iTunes) or Google Play.

Reebee: Reebee is yet another flyer app that's easy to use, and very useful! You can also get this for free on the Apple Store (iTunes), Google Play, and even Blackberry World. Like Flipp, Reebee allows you to browse through the latest flyers by simply using your cell phone or tablet. You'll also be able to ensure that you only get flyers that are valid for your local area, so you won't have to worry about browsing through tons of flyers for stores that aren't even around you. Many people are seeing these apps as a green solution, since many users have opted out of paper flyer distribution now that they're using these apps!

Shopping Flyers Canada (Android App): This humble phone application allows you to do exactly what its name implies - you get to digitally flip through a myriad of different flyers from a huge crop of familiar retail stores around your area. All flyers are categorized, so it’s easy for you to navigate through them with this app for Android devices. According to the developers of this app, it apparently works best on a Wi-Fi connection. You can check out this free app on the Google Play Store by clicking here.

Whichever flyer app you choose, there's one thing that's certain: they have their own set of loyal fans that love these apps. Try them both out, and see which one is more suitable for you to use. Either way, they're all convenient programs that make it easier for you to find out about the latest deals, which will especially be important during this holiday season! Are there any flyer apps that you like to use? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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  • Anita
    Flipp is available in Blackberry World as well, I love Flipp and my blackberry :)
    • Emily
      I love that I can just take my tablet with my favourite deals from all the flyers already "clipped" onto one page and show it to the cashier at my local stores that price match and they match it! So much easier than cutting out or carrying all the different paper flyers to bring to your store (Walmart and my Loblaws/Superstore price match)