Plus-size section gets a makeover

Plus-size section gets a makeover

In an effort to promote body positivity, Kmart in the United States is revamping their “plus-size” clothing section. They are rebranding it as “fabulously sized” and will offer clothing and intimates in a range of sizes up to 5x.

While some of the clothing items will appear in its own section, other items will be mixed with the main women’s section, so that fabulously sized women no longer feel reluctant to shop in a specific section.

This change represents a wider movement in the fashion industry to be more inclusive. Nike and Joe Fresh, for instance, have recently expanded their size range. Supermodels like Ashley Graham and Kate Upton have also spoken out against labelling women by their body size.

While many on social media are excited about the shift, others aren’t so sure.

As one woman tweeted: “Kmart is renaming its 'plus-sized' section ‘Fabulously Sized’ ... does this mean skinny chicks aren't fabulously sized?”

I personally applaud the effort of retailers to cater to all body shapes and sizes. No matter how much we weigh or what we look like, we deserve to feel good about the clothes we buy.

How do you feel about Kmart’s new rebranding concept? Is this a great sign for the future of fashion or do we still have a ways to go before everyone can feel good about their body?


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  • marilene

    I think this is great.  One step at a time just not backwards.