Your Guide to Every Pizza Hut Pizza of the Day (2018)

Your Guide to Every Pizza Hut Pizza of the Day (2018)

Hey pizza lovers, did you know there is a Pizza Hut Pizza of the Day every day of the week for just $10?!

These medium-size pizzas are perfect for nights that you're too tired to cook, there's nothing in the fridge, you're too busy running from one activity to the next or you just crave pizza.

Pizza Hut Pizza of the Day

Monday through Sunday, we've got the Pizza Hut Pizza of the Day covered:

  • Monday - Hawaiian
  • Tuesday - Pepperoni
  • Wednesday - Canadian
  • Thursday- Supreme Lover's
  • Friday - Chicken Caesar
  • Saturday - Veggie Lover's
  • Sunday - Triple Crown

Not familiar with all of these pizzas? Here's what you will get on each of them:

  • Hawaiian: brighten up your Monday with this fun combination of ham and pineapple on a pizza base of your choice with extra mozzarella cheese.
  • Pepperoni: the classic combo of pepperoni and cheese will make Tuesday's dinner a breeze.
  • Canadian: wow them on Wednesday's with a combination of pepperoni, bacon pieces, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.
  • Supreme Lover's: this pizza is loaded with pepperoni slices, pieces of mild sausage, ground beef, green peppers, mushrooms, red onion and topped with classic pizza mozzarella.
  • Chicken Caesar: fill up for your Friday night with a delicious combo of grilled chicken, bacon bits, roasted garlic and creamy Alfredo sauce on top of your pizza crust.
  • Veggie Lover's: this garden fresh pizza comes topped with crisp green pepper, ripe tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion, and of course, pizza mozzarella.
  • Triple Crown: featuring the three most common pizza toppings - pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers, then crowned with mozzarella cheese.

And don't forget you can choose your crust! Pan pizza, homestyle crust, thin & crispy and multi-grain crusts are all included in this deal, or if you want stuffed crust, it will be $3 more.

If a medium pizza isn't enough, select restaurants offer a large-sized Pizza Hut Pizza of the Day for a few bucks more. And if a large on its own still won't cut it, take a look at these deals.


Create your own Pizza Hut meal for 4 from these two deals; 1-top PANalicious pizza and the choice between breadsticks, Cinnaparts or Caesar salad for $10.99; or a 2-top PANalicious pizza and two sides (boneless bites, breadsticks, Cinnaparts and Caesar salad) for $15.99.

Game Day Meal

Serving dinner for 6 requires options, and the Game Day Meal delivers. For $33.99 you get 2 medium recipe pizzas, 2 dipping sauces, boneless bites and a 2 L bottle of Pepsi to wash it all down.

Triple Treat Box

Have 8 mouths to feed? I'd opt for the Triple Treat Box where you get 2 medium 2-top or recipe pizzas, 8 boneless bites, breadsticks, 2 dipping sauces and 1 Ultimate Hershey's Chipits Cookie for $33.99.

Hut Rewards

Want even more bang for your buck? Sign up to the Hut Rewards program where you can earn points towards a free pizza. Basically, for every 5 digital points you collect you will be eligible to receive one FREE medium 2-topping pizza. You can register online or through the Pizza Hut Canada mobile app.

In order to receive rewards, you will need to order your pizza online or through the app.

Pizza Hut has a lot more than just pizza, and other specials are available. You can check out all the Pizza Hut deals by clicking here.

Now, who's hungry??


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