PC Plus Points: How It Works

PC Plus Points: How It Works

I was at Loblaws this week and noticed the sign for their new points system. I sort of ignored it, but then at the cash this time when I bought my groceries, the cashier explained it to me and I think it is a really great program!

I normally shop at Loblaws, No Frills or the Superstore, which are all affiliated under the Loblaws brand. At the current time, the PC Plus point system is only available at Loblaws, but will be expanding eventually to the other affiliated stores. The system is a lot like the Optimum Point system that Shoppers Drug Mart has, with points earned for what you buy.

Get your card in-store, or download the PC Plus app to your phone. Online you can find your current offers, which you need to load to your card, by simply clicking "load to my card". There is also a recipe database that is totally simple to use and you can add a grocery list, which is even organized by department. That is much more organized than I am! As the system gets to know you, it will show you your frequently shopped for items and tailor the offers to you. For example, if you purchase a lot of organic items like I do, it will start offering more points on organic foods. This means that you'll earn the points on the foods and items you actually do buy, instead of ones they suggest you buy. I think this is amazing, considering I find many of the coupons and offers out there are often for commercial and processed items I try to steer clear of, while I pay a huge expense for my organic and lesser-known brands.

Once you've registered your card and loaded your offers, shop in-store and you'll see the offers available for certain items if you buy that item. At the checkout you'll show your card or your app, and your points will be loaded. One thousand points is equal to $1, and you can redeem when you hit a certain amount, saving lots of money on your groceries. This is better than the current PC points program because you don't need to switch your banking or credit card over. You just need to sign up for FREE!

From one shopping trip, I already have over 2,000 points. I wasn't tailoring my shopping to the points reward system and only got rewarded on in-store offers. This week, some of my current offers include 300 points for buying strawberries (which I usually buy this time of year) and 200 points for every $1 I spend on oranges. If I was more serious and paid attention to current offers, I could probably get up to about 4000 points per shopping trip, meaning in about a month I'd save $20 just for collecting points on things I already buy.

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  • Krista W.
    Great info thanks Eva!
    • Christina M.
      My No Frills in Shelburne would not accept.
      • Eva W.
        Yes, it is only Loblaw right now.
        • Louise G.
          I want to sign in the pcplus and every time it says I don't have the right email address or the right password.I had them for years... .So I don't know what else I can do.I won't change my email address nor the password.I want to keep them.So I guess I won't be able to join in...Sorry!
          • Carmen
            hmm, try calling in?
            • Jo B.
              I am not receiving your email to confirm my address
              • Eva W.
                You have to contact President's Choice.
            • Lynn
              Do you have to "load your card" to get points or do you automatically get them at the checkout? Not everyone has a computer.
              • Super D.
                No, you just have to know what products are associated with the current points offers. For instance, if Glad Garbage Bags are offering 200 points per package and you buy Glad Garbage Bags, you present your card at the checkout, and 200 points will be credited to your account. But you do need a computer, for the most part, to get the points offers. Some are advertised "in-store", but others will be sent to you as "personalized" offers on your computer or smartphone.
              • Louis B.
                What I don't understand is where are the points stored? Cashier activated my card then proceeded with my order, When done it shows on the receipt the points I earned, but the card is not swiped again so where are the points stored? I am guessing that the card will be swiped "after" purchases once it's activated and the points are stored on the card but the first time its used and not activated it's different. In my case this card will be rewarding, In just one visit I received 22650 points! It was spend $20.00 in produce and receive 5000 points, In my case I buy that much anyways. (So $5.00 off for next trip) This will work for some people, But it's also indimidating for others to buy stuff for the points.
                • Eva W.
                  Yes you swipe your card after each purchase, but you do have to activate online with your information I believe. I do shop with the points in mind, but after a while you get personalized offers based on what you've bought so you just buy your regular items mostly! You can't beat being rewarded for buying food you eat anyway.
                  • Dianne H.
                    I got the PC plus card yesterday. I thought I had registered correctly but did not receive an e-mail today so I re-registered and it said it was verifiying my information and no other message did I see. No e-mail has come and when I try to sign into my account, it says "email not correct". Please let me know what is wrong or I will just give up.
                    • Carmen
                      call in? or check your spam inbox?
                      • Sandi
                        I had to send an email to them to let them know I had not received my confirmation email from them. They sent the confirmation email right away and now I am registered. Just a few bumps in the set up of a new program that's all.
                    • Cathy B.
                      I tried to register my card using my gmail account and it didn't work. I switched to my outlook account and it worked fine. I'm very glad they have come out with this card Superstore is where I shop for groceries.
                      • Julia J.
                        When I received my pcplus.ca card I was told it was good for No Fills, Zehrs and Independent. No Frills refused to accept my card. Which stores do honour this pcplus.ca card?
                        • Eva W.
                          No Frills does not, but I believe the others do and just have been put on the plan.
                          • Alice
                            When I got my PC MasterCard, I also got one for my husband. I have registered for my PC-Plus card, but, when I try to register my husband's PC MasterCard on the same PC-Plus card # as mine, it won't let me. It says that card has already been registered. Does my husband and I have to use the same PC-Card? It would be very inconvenient to have to give him the card every time he goes to the grocery store and then return it to me? Help?
                            • Eva W.
                              I'm not sure about that. You should contact the store directly.
                              • Alice
                                I talked to 2 different people at the store I shop at today, and I received 2 different answers. I was told by the lady going around the store to sign you up onto a PC card that you don't have to show your PC-Plus card when making a purchase if you have already linked it up to your PC-card. The second person I talked to was the cashier when she asked me for my PC-plus card when I made the purchase. She said yes, I have to produce it when making a purchase. So now I'm back to how does my husband use this same PC-Plus # when we only have 1 card? Anyone out there have 2 PC Financial cards for 1 family and a PC-Plus card? How are you both getting the PC-Plus points? Anyone???
                                • Sam
                                  I read on on the pcplus site that you can register multiple cards on one account. So in theory your husband can get a pcplus card register it with his mastercard and you then can link the two cards together.
                                  • Alice
                                    O.K. here's what I've learned from PC PLUS MEMBERSERCICES. For those of us that have 2 PC-Financial Cards that are already linked together, only 1 PC-Plus card is needed. When you register THAT 1 PC-PLUS card it auto. links up the 2nd PC-Financial card. So both cards are now linked to 1 PC-Plus card. Once you get to the checkout, BEFORE your transaction starts, THE CASHIER IS TO SWIPE your PC Financial card, ( remember, you're already linked to the PC-Plus) this is to record your PC-Plus points. At the end of your grocery checkout, YOU, swipe/insert/tap your PC-Financial to pay for your groceries. There is no need to show your PC-Plus card. Hope this info help anyone else out there trying to get information.
                                  • Loo
                                    I got a pair of key ring tabs and one wallet card with my pc card..so the three people in the house can each have a card.
                              • Em
                                Hello, I have activated my account online, as per instructions and I have not rec'd the confirmation e-mail. Yes, I have checked my junk file and it's not there either. Can you help>? Thanks,
                                • Alice
                                  Hi Em, The same thing happened to me. Phone the help line, you'll have to wait a long time to get thru, but, they will help get the e-mail to you quickly.
                                • Tara
                                  My Superstore ran out of PC plus cards! So I have to 'check back another day.' Anyone have that issue yet?
                                  • Bob
                                    Tried to register this morning..Multiple times. Very frustrating to say the least. Tried to register by phone..Can't be done..Very Sad for a Billion dollar Company to treat customers in this fashion. I think I will switch to a Sobey's card..Less aggravation,
                                    • snooky
                                      They are having problems with this program in new glasgow , n.s. My card is registerted and at the cashier it says that it is not. Where's Ed Snowden when you need him? chuckle
                                      • wendy
                                        I have tried multiple times to register my card,and it says its not working at this time, what a pain,when this first came out we received a letter to sign up now, and receive 20,000,so much for that !
                                        • Corinna
                                          I just wanted to say that this program is much better than the former banking system. Points accumulate much faster. I have used the card only seven times and have enough to redeem 50 dollars worth of groceries. The pc mastercard can only be registered by the person who is named on the bill, but if there are two cards associated with the account, both should be able to earn the points.Also the minimum redemption is 20 dollars.
                                          • Alice
                                            Make sure you check you receipt for your PC-Plus points when buying from your weekly specials. When I got home today and checked, I was 2000 points short! I've e-mailed them with this information. But, who knows if I'll ever get a response.
                                            • Debbie
                                              I will be shopping in Windsor, Ontario once or twice a year to visit...I always buy a full grocery order each time. Do any of your stores there accept my new pcplus card?