Our Guide to Beauty Gift Cards You Can Buy Online

Our Guide to Beauty Gift Cards You Can Buy Online

With the holiday season only a few months away, you might be starting to think about your Christmas shopping list.

And I don't know about you, but every single year, I end up trying to find a gift for someone who's tough to buy for, has no idea what they might want or is genuinely just better at picking out their own presents – and that's where gift cards come in handy.

While physical gift cards mean you'll always have something for your friends and family to open, they're not always practical – especially if you're buying a last-minute gift. And in cases, like that, e-gift cards are you best friend.

So what is an e-gift card?

Well, they work just like a regular gift card, but you can purchase them online and email 'em right to the recipient – which means you don't have to buy any gift wrap or pay to ship any presents. And whenever you can't find the perfect beauty gift set, beauty gift cards are a really safe bet.

That's why we put together a quick list of places you can buy beauty gift cards online in Canada. So the next time you're in a jam, you can just head to one of these sites!

How to buy a Sephora gift card online

Let's be honest. If you could receive a gift card for almost any store, Sephora would probably rank pretty high on your list – and it's actually really easy to buy a Sephora eGift Card for someone else.

When you head to the Sephora gift card landing page, just select "eGift Card" from their options. Then, you can choose one of their pre-generated gift card designs or upload your own photo or video to create a custom gift card specifically for somebody special. The personalization options are only available when you use a web browser, so you won't find this feature in the Sephora app.

But once your design is complete, just choose the dollar amount for the card, add it to your cart and pay for it at checkout like you would any other Sephora Canada purchase.

How to buy a MAC Cosmetics gift card online

Shopping for a MAC lover instead? I only learned this pretty recently (when I first started looking into beauty e-gift cards, in fact), but there are MAC Cosmetics eGift Cards, too! They're available for purchase online, and the design and payment process is pretty simple.

Just head to the MAC Cosmetics website, choose from one of their pre-loaded designs (unfortunately, you don't have the option to upload a photo). You can enter a message to send along with the card, though, so make sure you type that in before you pay. Then all you need to do is select a dollar amount and enter the recipient's email address, add the card to your cart and check out!


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