NORAD Santa Tracker Now Live!

NORAD Santa Tracker Now Live!

On Christmas eve, I bet you get tired of hearing "Where is Santa now?" or "How long until Santa gets here?". Well have you ever heard of the NORAD Santa Tracker? This is a nifty website designed to keep you updated on Santa's supposed whereabouts on Christmas eve. It is a fun thing to keep track of with the kids, and it will also help get them to back at a decent time so you can set everything up. Did I mention that all of the features are totally free!?

Now you and your kids will be able to follow Santa as he makes his magical adventure around the earth from North Pole. The NORAD Santa Tracker has music, games and so much more for you and your child to explore. The NORAD Santa Tracker has been around for sixty years now, and it has become a part of the tradition for many families around the world.

This tracker is seriously cute. I remember watching Santa fly through the air alongside airplanes, over the ocean, through the mountains and everything with my toddler last year. It also said that Santa was getting close to our area around 8 PM which makes the kids want to hurry to bed so they are not awake when Santa arrives. I have a big 'Thank You' to NORAD for that particular feature. If you really read into the website, it has a lot of fun facts and such for the kids. Did you know that the satellites use an infrared sensor to detect heat signatures from Rudolph's nose? That is how they provide an accurate tracking of the sleigh.

This website is definitely a big hit every year. Last year alone they reached 19.5 million unique visitors in just December.

Do you use NORAD to keep tack of Santa with your Kiddos?


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