Where to Buy the New Tamagotchi in Canada

Where to Buy the New Tamagotchi in Canada

Tamagotchis are making a comeback! Bandai re-released the iconic toys for the 20th anniversary of the original Tamagotchi – and they're back in stock in Canada!

If you act fast, you can pick up a Transparent Blue Tamagotchi for $16.96 (down from $19.95) when you use the code LUCKY15 this weekend at Chapters!

These new virtual pets come in six different colours, and they're also in stock online at Mastermind Toys ($19.99)! Plus, Toys R Us Canada ($19.99 each) has a few new colours, too!

They work just like the original pets – feed them, clean up after them and take care of them – but now your kids get a chance to try it all out!

I spent hours playing with the original ones as a kid, and I'm really excited to see what the new ones have in store. And at these prices, you might just want to pick one up for yourself, too!

Each one includes a CR2032 battery and chain you can attach to your bag or keys.

You may also be able to find these little guys in-store at Walmart Canada.


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  • Ryan B.

    Lol, I want a blue one!

    • Cat D.

      I remember you had one.

      • Christene M.

        remember these

        • Katherine M.

          They're back! Do you think Santa will bring the kids one?

        • Carling B.


          • Minnie C.


            • Katherine N.

              Omg I remember us playing with ours!!!

              • Minnie C.

                Me too! I kinda want one ahahaha

              • Laura K.

                lol omg

                • Taylor M.

                  Wow those are so old

                  • Michelle F.

                    do you think they will be the real ones this time?

                    • Chanell M.

                      Hopefully! They sucked when they brought them out a few years ago!

                      • Michelle F.

                        they were huge .. not even close to the real thing ..

                      • Caley T.

                        Hooray I want one lol

                        • Kyla S.

                          Omg I need one!!

                          • Mara M.

                            I still have a few of the originals, lol I loved those things

                            • Alexandra H.

                              Don't even joke about this, is this real

                              • Lia E.

                                . Just for you.

                                • Jen T.

                                  I know haha so excited!

                                  • Anna H.

                                    I somehow envision you being excited about this... ;)

                                    • Kira A.

                                      How did you know?!?? I'm so excited hahahah I loved my tamagotchi

                                    • Candis L.


                                      • Allison W.

                                        Me I would love the blue one I had so much fun playing with the original ones

                                        • Melanie B.

                                          Pre ordered the blue ones

                                          • Airiyel S.

                                            . Here's your chance to relive your childhood!

                                            • Kelcie C.

                                              Its a kid that doesnt talk back.

                                            • Holly H.

                                              remember these