More Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Suggestions for the Holidays!

More Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Suggestions for the Holidays!


I had previously told you Moosers about the Elf on the Shelf tips you need this Christmas, but with the Elf being out and about now so many more ideas have come out. So take a look at my previous post called "Elf on the Shelf Tips You need This Christmas!" and then let's take a look at even more hilarious Elf on the Shelf suggestions for the Holidays. I can't even name one family that doesn't participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition if they have kids. When I first started this tradition with my family, I had no idea how I was going to come up with 25 different Elf on the Shelf ideas to lead up to Christmas. So most of my daily displays were quite boring, but my son was too young to really understand anyway. Oh, and if you don’t have The Elf on the Shelf yet, then be sure to order yours now from

Now that my son is old enough to understand that the Elf on the Shelf is all about, I have made it my duty to have the Elf hilariously positioned each and every day. I have also made it part of my tradition that my kiddo gives the Elf a toy he doesn't use every day. So before bed, my little guy selects a toy he doesn't play with and places it beside our Elf who we have named Jimmy. Then Jimmy can take the toy to donate it or bring it back to "Santa's Workshop" so Santa can give it to another little boy or girl.


Zip Lining?

Put up some string somewhere in your house and attach Elf to a candy cane - voila! Elf can now zip-line anywhere in your house. Even on the Christmas tree!


TP King

Elf has taken a roll of toilet paper and "TP'ed" your Christmas tree, or your toilet. This is a fun activity for sure, the kids will think it is hilarious.


Spidey-Elf, Spidey-Elf

Make a little mask for Elf and hang him upside down somewhere in plain sight - now he is Spidey-Elf! You could even print a photo of Spider Man's mask from the world wide web and cut it out if you are not artistically inclined.


It's all about the props!

Use your Limited Edition Walking Dead cases as a prop like the photo above. Hopefully you bought this season while it was a hot deal from


Paper Bag Races

Elf and your child' favourite stuffies or action figures can have potato sack races - or know known as paper bag races.


He Came in Like a Wrecking Ball!

Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video surely was popular - and there have been many parodies made. But has Elf joined in on the fun yet?


Stocking Stuffer

Elf can peak out of your child's stocking!


Subliminal Messages - maybe?

Get some M&M's or Smarties and write out "Be Good" or "Behave" with different colours. Then let your kids eat them. That should get the point across.


Sleepy Elf

Elf is sleepy today, but make sure to make it creative!


Elf in the Oven

Elf has learned to bake cookies really well, naturally. What else would elves do in the Summer at the North Pole? So have him display a batch of delicious cookies for the kiddos.


Building Muscle

A straw and two marshmallows can go a long way. Elf is on his way to being the strongest man in Canada.


Snow Ball Fight!

LEGO and those teeny weeny marshmallows can make for a great snow-ball fight scene with Elf and another favourite action figure.


The Dog Did It

Tape Elf to a wall or chalk board and make it look like your family pet has had enough of  this little creature around the house. How cute!

So Moosers, what ideas have you used for your Elf on the Shelf already?


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