McDonald’s McDelivers

McDonald’s McDelivers

After years of having to pick up McDonald’s with kids in tow, I was happy to see that McDonalds will now deliver food right to my door via the UberEATS app.

I don’t always go to McDonald’s, but when I do, it can be a pain to bring my kids. They take forever to get into the car. When we finally get to the restaurant, they climb the chairs and run around. Now that McDonald’s has those big touch screen ordering stations, my kids love pressing the buttons.

One time I was lectured by another customer about my kids’ behaviour at McDonald’s. I was mortified. It is a family restaurant, yes, but kids should still know how to behave.

They are older now and better at restaurants, but having the food come to me is still a lifesaver. It’s great for so many situations: birthday parties, play dates, when I’m in a rush to get dinner on the table or have a babysitter at home with the kids.

Meal delivery has been around for years, but somehow having McDonald’s on the UberEATS list is the biggest game changer as a parent.

Delivery launched in the U.S. this spring and is now available at 187 restaurants in Canada, including 31 in Montreal, 18 in Ottawa, 145 in Toronto, 43 in Edmonton and 20 in Calgary. They’ll delivery anything to your door, except soft serve ice cream, of course!

Prices are the same, but UberEATS fees apply.

McDelivery is part of of a McDonald’s restructuring strategy to keep the brand alive in the face of increased hamburger competition from places like Five Guys and Burgers Priest.

Will you order McDonald’s McDelivery? Do they still make the best burgers? Let me know your thoughts!


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