Where to Buy JoJo Siwa Bows in Canada

Where to Buy JoJo Siwa Bows in Canada

JoJo Siwa bows have always been pretty tough to find in Canada, especially since Claire's stopped shipping outside of the US (which put an end to those famous $5 JoJo bow deals).

While you might still be able to find some in Claire's stores, I dug around to see if there's anywhere else to order them in Canada. Turns out, there aren't a ton of options, but here's what I found:

Walmart Canada

Walmart.ca has a few different JoJo Siwa bows (namely the heart-printed Bodacious Bows) listed online, but they're all currently out of stock. You might have some luck in stores, though!


Things got a little more promising when I checked out Justice and found a whole collection of exclusive JoJo Siwa bows in stock! Everything is priced in USD, but each bow will run you about $21.50 CAD. And while they're pricey, you have to admit some of these are pretty awesome – especially if you have a unicorn or mermaid fan at home!

Check these bows out:

The only downside? Shipping to Canada starts at an extra $15 (for orders of $50 and under).

Amazon Canada

Like most in-demand items, you can find JoJo Siwa bows at Amazon.ca – for a price. I looked around and found a few different bows available, but most of them are marked up pretty high (yes, even higher than usual ... sigh). They're usually from third-party sellers, but who knows? You might be able to find a decent deal in the mix!

Have you seen JoJo Siwa bows anywhere in Canada? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Nichole N.

    just incase the girls need more bows! :wink:

    • Karissa O.

      Awesome! Thanks! Just ordered a few!

    • Lindsay K.

      Claire's had them in stock today in store (Canada)

      • lilyalilovic

        Toys R Us Claires Section has them in as well.  Put out new stock this week.