I'm graduating from school and I'm 37

I'm graduating from school and I'm 37

Two years ago I began a Masters degree. I was 35, divorced, had two kids and hadn’t been a student in nearly 15 years.

Back then, I’m not sure I owned a cell phone, and a notebook was literally a book filled with blank pages rather than a computer. So much had changed since I’d done my undergraduate degree, and now I felt out of my league. In fact, I was terrified.

How would I balance motherhood and school? What if I didn’t do well or couldn’t keep up? On top of that, the program I chose—a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction—required me to leave my kids and live in a dorm in Halifax for two weeks, two summers in a row.

Leaving my boys was torture. (My dorm room had it’s challenges, too.) I didn’t think I could do it.

But I did. It was stressful. It required hard work and dedication. But I did it. This week I’m graduating from my program with my MFA degree. I made wonderful friends along the way, learned more than I ever could have otherwise, expanded my writing portfolio and wrote a book. More than that, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of going back to school to earn my Masters.

When I don my gown and cap one last time at my graduation ceremony in Halifax, my parents and fiancé will be watching me from the stands. I will be surrounded by my friends and mentors.

It is such an accomplishment—one that I never thought I’d have the confidence to achieve. I hope I’ve made my kids proud by showing them I can do anything I put my mind to, even if it’s scary. I’ve definitely made myself proud.

I wonder what I’ll set my sights on next . . .


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  • Noahsmum

    Congratulations!  You're very personal on these posts and I'm glad you shared this.

    I often wonder the same myself to do my Masters with two young kids and it was ages ago since my undergraduate degree.  I feel so behind in times and I'm older than you by 2 years! 

    It's good for your kids to see that you have goals and achieved them!

    • sndygirlbc

      Congratulations.  Any way of learning is wonderful and helps keep us young.  When we stop learning is when we get old.

      • kenifeh

        Congratulations! You are an inspiration.

        I don't do this often, commenting on here, but i had to because you have affected me. I am 39, father of 3 and a wife. We immigrated to Canada in January 2016. I started working and then lost my job 3 months later. I started internet marketing and your blog helped to build my business from $0 to $200k annual and counting. Thanks again and i wish you the best in your career (though you didn't need the degree). Keep being an inspiration to women and men out there. God bless!