How To Enjoy Couponing (Guest post!)

How To Enjoy Couponing (Guest post!)

I’m pretty sure a lot of Canadians who use coupons do it as a chore; I used to consider it as such myself. It doesn’t have to be, though!

Here are a few tips to make couponing a more enjoyable experience ;)

Don’t say “I have to do it,” but rather “I get to do it.”

You don’t have to save money if you don’t want to, you know. But think of all the money you get to save by using coupons!

If you have a printer at home, good for you! There are a lot of printable coupons available online.

If you prefer mail coupons, that’s good too, because you have at least one reason to wake up happy the next day (your mailbox will be filled with savings!)

Don’t overdo it.

When you spend a big portion of your time couponing, at one point, you might not look forward to it anymore. Try to plan your couponing activities according to your schedule; for example, you might want to spend one hour a day doing so, or maybe, two hours (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). It’s all up to you.

Oh, and don’t procrastinate!

This used to happen to me all the time (back when I was a newbie). On several occasions, I knew my coupon stack was messy and it had to be organized, but I kept putting off saying “oh, I’ll do it later.” At the end of the week, I had 7 days’ worth of couponing tasks to do, and cramming everything into one long session got kind of exhausting.

Now, I have my phone alarm set to 8pm every day to remind me that I need to get up and do what I have to do J

Get a relative or a friend to do it with you.

Here’s a close enough analogy for you: Let’s say you want to start working out, but you’re too lazy to do it on your own. Guess what? You’re more likely start working out with a friend than alone! When a boring “chore” is done in groups, it turns into a fun activity.

When I say this, trust me, I’m speaking out of personal experience. When I first got into the couponing craze, the first few days were kind of hard. One day, I called my best friend, Julia, and started complaining, turns out, she was also in the mess. We decided to bring our messes together and take care of them as a team. Couponing became a blast after that!

If you really don’t feel like going out today, no worries, you can always do your shopping online using coupon codes!

Just the other day, I woke up with a throbbing headache, but I had a lot of shopping to do; grocery, birthday present, some new clothes for the kids, etc.

I really didn’t feel like sorting out and organizing my coupons for that day, so I decided to get a part of my checklist done, so I shopped for some things online using the coupon codes I have carefully put together in an excel file the previous night.

It wasn’t until I felt better that I got my little coupon binder out and organized everything.

On a closely related note, shopping with a messy pile of coupons is not very smart, so make sure you organize them beforehand.

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